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Hello! My name is Addison. I am the recipe developer, content writer, and meal prepper behind Microwave Meal Prep! This website features easy, healthy, and delicious recipes for everyday cooking. In addition, you will find helpful resources and information to help you in the kitchen.

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This website contains everything you need to know about microwaves. Check out the microwave-safe symbol article, learn about microwave-safe Pyrex and cookware, and learn about how to safely microwave foods.

I am originally from the coast of Maine but now reside in Dallas, Texas. I love living an active lifestyle and rely on leftovers every single day. Meal prepping and reheating leftovers is key to my success.

This website will teach you how to microwave different foods and which microwaves are best for your kitchen. I hope you enjoy this blog! You can also find me on Organically Addison for gluten-free recipes and loads of vegan recipes on Watch Learn Eat. For delicious desserts, check out Girl Versus Dough and find the best oatmeal recipes on Simply Oatmeal.