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Best Microwave Bacon Cooker in 2024

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A microwave bacon cooker will elevate your breakfast to the next level. Reduce the mess, easy to clean and crispy bacon are the key features we are going to solve be picking the right microwave bacon tray for you.

Eliminate soft and soggy bacon, the paper towel method and cleaning messy splatter inside the kitchen appliance. Using a microwave bacon cooker solves each of the problems and produces crispy bacon every time.

Keep the mess to a minimum, and eat bacon cooked the way you like it. The easiest way to microwave bacon is by using a microwave bacon tray.

The challenge being that there are some many choices to browse through. The options, features and functionality create a range of disparity, however there are a couple of clear favorites for cooking bacon in the microwave.

Best Pick

Budget Pick

Quick Comparison: Top ​6 Best ​Microwave Bacon Cooker

We have compiled a list of some the best microwave bacon cookers that are available on the market. Hopefully, our list and guide helps you choose the right microwave bacon cooker for your own kitchen.

Product NameGrade
Prep Solutions by Progressive Microwavable Bacon Grill A
Presto Bacon Microwave CookerB
Emson Bacon Wave, Microwave Bacon CookerB+
WowBacon Microwave CookerA
Sistema Microwave Easy Bacon CookerA
Nordic Ware Bacon Rack with Lid B

Best Microwave Bacon Cooker

Best microwave bacon cookers to cook and reheat bacon in the microwave. Plastic bacon cookers that make crispy bacon every time and are safe for microwave use.

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Things to Know Before Buying the Best Microwave Bacon Cooker

The type of microwave bacon cooker you choose matters in the end. The results of a rack, tray or grill style bacon cooker differ greatly. Realize that you have a lot less control than cooking bacon on the stovetop. However, with that being said its is still possible to achieve the outcome you desire. 

Microwave bacon cookers generally results in very crispy bacon with a much shorter cook time. They are small in size and take up very little storage space.

A lid is also an important functional piece because it limits messy cleanup inside your kitchen appliance. Microwave cookers with lids can minimize the mess and usually cook bacon resulting in much less grease.

Whichever microwave bacon cooker best fits your needs, keep in mind to look for cookers that have a lid and a drip tray. They are easy to clean and do not make a mess inside the microwave.

BPA-Free Material

The most important factor that you have to look for is that the microwave-safe bacon cooker or tray is made up of best quality material, especially BPA free plastic. Many silicon or microwave-safe plates are made with BPA, which can be quite harmful for the health. 

BPA has been linked with several health issues like cancer, brain damage, abnormal hormonal levels, and heart health. Hence, make sure that the microwave bacon cooker is BPA free.

Sizes or Capacity

Different bacon makers come with varying capacities or sizes. You need to understand which one you will be required for your family needs. 

Some models come with 4 slots, some with 6 and some may even include much more. You need to pick a size that is ideal for your needs and requirements. 

Designs can feature trays, while others may come with cooking racks. You have to determine which style you will want and choose the size according to your own needs.

Grooved trays

If you select the tray pattern, then you need to make sure that your tray is grooved deeply. This will help to keep the bacon elevated completely out of the excess grease or fat by draining while it is being cooked. 

This will not only keep the bacon crispy and tasty, but also makes it much healthier when you make bacon in the microwave. If sticking to a low fat diet, then you should not consume the excess grease or fat that comes out of the bacon while it is being cooked.

Easy to wash or clean

When buying a bacon tray or cooker for the microwave, make sure that it is easy to clean or wash. Most of the microwave-safe bacon cookers are also dishwasher safe in nature. 

Besides that, you also have to make sure that it can be cleaned manually with soap and water as cookers that are not easy to clean can be tough to maintain. This can facilitate the growth of germs and bacteria in the cooker making it unhealthy for you to cook food on.


There are so many options to choose from, so we hope this list was useful for you to decide which microwave bacon cooker to add to your kitchen gear essentials. Ultimately, the best microwave bacon cooker depends on your personal preferences.

However, using a microwave bacon cooker will go a long way to making your breakfast healthier and more wholesome because of how my grease is removed from the bacon. Breakfast is commonly referred to as the most important meal of the day, so make the best of your everyday!

Best microwave bacon cooker