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Best Microwave Pasta Cookers in 2024

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Did you know that it’s possible to cook pasta without waiting for a pot of water to boil? With a microwave pasta cooker, you can cook a serving of noodles in about 4 minutes. Now that’s impressive!

From reheating cold soup to steaming a bunch of broccoli, microwave appliances exponentially speed up many kitchen related cooking tasks. However, now you can add pasta cooker to the microwave abilities.

Use less energy, less water and less time. Let’s cover the basic design elements and functional elements of the different microwavable pasta cookers available.

A microwave pasta cooker makes it extremely easy to cook raw pasta. Measure pasta, fill with water, cook pasta in microwave, drain pasta and serve pasta, all from a single easy-to-use container.

Cook different pasta shapes like penne, fusilli, angel hair, linguini, macaroni and also ravioli. The pasta cooks from raw in about 8 minutes in the microwave!

Cooking perfect al dente pasta has never before been this fast and easy. Here are the best microwave pasta cookers for you to choose between.

Best Pick

Budget Pick

Quick Comparison: Top ​5Best Microwave Pasta Cookers

You are not only limited to making pasta from raw when using a pasta cooker in the microwave. In addition, it can be used for vegetables, soup, casserole and even rice.

Chocolate cake and bread has also been made using a microwave pasta cooker. Give it a try for yourself and see the range of options you are able to explore.

Here are the best microwave pasta cookers with unique features and design options.

Product NameGrade
Pampered Chef Microwave Pasta CookerA
Fasta Pasta Original Microwave Pasta Cooker A
Tupperware Microwave Pasta CookerB
Leaves and Trees Glass Microwave Pasta CookerB+
Emson Pasta N More A-

Best Microwave Pasta Cookers

Microwave pasta cookers that make it easy to cook and reheat pasta in the microwave. Glass and plastic pasta cookers that are safe for microwave use to help make cooking, cleaning and meal prep much faster and more convenient.

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Things to know before buying the best microwave pasta cooker

Capacity and size are the most important factor when you consider purchasing a microwave pasta cooker. The main difference being family size or regular, but most pasta cookers are designed to accommodate long noodles like spaghetti.

Some designs feature attachments or built in functions that improve user experience. Whether you want a lid that drains or a separate accessory, the choice is yours.

I generally prefer using glassware over plastic, however the design and functionality of the options available didn’t really impress me.


For the budget friendly picks, it was a toss up between the Original Microwave Pasta Cooker and the As Seen On TV version. I found there to be very little difference in their ability to produce al dente pasta that cooks evenly and doesn’t stick. Both models were effective and made delicious pasta each time.

However, The Pampered Chef Micro Cooker was my stand out favorite. The taller design and versatile functionality made this choice the best microwave pasta cooker for me.

Best microwave pasta cooker