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Can You Microwave Dixie Plates?

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Dixie plates are a brand of disposable paper plates that are made using quality paper materials. These disposable plates are extensively used to serve cold and hot food, but what happens when you microwave Dixie plates?

Can you microwave Dixie plates? According to the manufacturer of Dixie plates, these paper products are labeled as microwave safe and are extremely safe to use in a microwave. In addition, the USDA says that paper products are safer to use in the microwave than plastic or polystyrene.

Since safety is a leading concern, especially when handling food, let’s evaluate the risks a bit further. Continue reading this article for more information regarding important questions about microwaving Dixie plates that many people are seeking to find convincing answers.

Is it safe to microwave Dixie plates?

What is the truth? As everyone knows, heating plastic or Styrofoam in a microwave may lead to the release of toxins into food. 

Does paper release any chemicals? Many authentic studies show that paper products are safer to use in the microwave compared to plastic. 

They don’t release any toxins as plastic or polystyrene products do. 

Generally speaking, paper products such as Dixie plates are safe to use in a microwave.

Can you microwave Dixie Plates?

Can you microwave Dixie plates safely?

You can safely microwave paper plates if you use products that have not been bleached or dyed. 

Optimal safety is guaranteed when you use Dixie plates only for reheating food. It is not at all advisable to use these products for cooking food in a microwave. 

Some low-quality paper plates come with printed designs that are created using inflammable inks. These types of products easily burn along the inked lines, which could ignite, damage or contaminate your food.

You don’t need to worry about plates burning if you use Dixie plates for reheating food at medium temperatures for a short period of time. 

Equipped with a soak proof shield and admirable strength, Dixie plates offer better resistance to heat compared to other types of paper products. 

You can loosely cover foods using a paper towel when it comes to heating foods that may splatter or contain a lot of moisture like spaghetti. This method of approach helps you prevent a food mess all over the inside of the microwave.

You should never cover food on a Dixie paper plate with plastic wrap

The wrap will be in direct contact with the food and when wrap melts or warps, chemicals can migrate into the food to cause serious health issues. If you use a plastic wrap, a glass bowl with tall sides is a better choice compared to a paper plate. 

All these recommendations and simple steps allow you to microwave Dixie plates safely.

How long can you microwave Dixie plates?

As mentioned above, you should only microwave Dixie plates to reheat food, not for cooking purposes. Paper products smolder or burn after a certain period when getting exposed to the intense heat generated inside a microwave. 

Dixie plates are made using high-quality materials that offer increased resistance to heat. However, the heating time must be limited to 1 or 2 minutes when you use these plates for reheating food in a microwave oven. 

Reheating for an extended period may result in the juice from food soaking into the plate and disturb the structural integrity of the plate. You may also find the paper find extremely hot and may burn your hand when touched, so use caution when you grab the paper plate.

How do you microwave Dixie plates?

When it comes to using paper plates without any support in a microwave, it’s recommended to choose thicker products with better support and high liquid resistance. Dixie plates are a perfect example. 

Some of the paper plates available today are treated using waxy chemicals to increase moisture resistance. You should not use these products because the waxy chemicals can leach into your food when heated above the melting point.

If you want to use paper products in a microwave, you must make sure that they are microwave-safe paper plates. Since Dixie plates are labeled as microwave-safe, you can use them with great assurance. 

However, you need to be aware of some important aspects when you use Dixie paper plates to store leftovers and warm them up later. It is not a good practice to refrigerate anything with heavy moisture levels. 

Food continues to seep moisture while cooling, so you must watch out for a change in plate durability and structure when the food is being microwave.

A Dixie paper plate may not be able to withstand storing food that contains lots of liquid, and then be nuked in the microwave.

But what about greasy food like a slice of pepperoni pizza for last nights delivery.

Do you want to reheat a greasy and oily food on a Dixie paper plate? You can use a stack of two or three paper plates to add layers that will increase the grease absorption. This method helps you prevent the pizza from falling through the plate or the paper plate bending as you remove it from the microwave.

When you microwave Dixie plates, you can use a smart technique to make the job easier. After having microwaved, the paper plate should be slid carefully out of the microwave onto a sturdy dish

This method of approach eliminates any plate bending issues that could result in you dropping the food. Furthermore, the paper plate won’t burn your hands because it will be onto of a plate holder.

This method gives you the best of both worlds. Not only is the clean up easy, but the paper plate is safe, secure and cool to the touch.

Tips to Microwave Dixie Plates

Paper products are not recommended for cooking, only for reheating purposes. Here are a few tips for microwaving Dixie plates safely:

  • Read the manufacture’s guideline before heating paper plates. Every manufacturer has a specific set of instructions for its users and Dixie plates are no different. You need to read the guidelines of the manufacturer before start using the paper plates in a microwave to verify that the product you have selected are rated as microwave-safe.
  • Never use Dixie plates to cook food in a microwave. You should never use the Dixie paper products to cook food in a microwave. These products are best suited for reheating food. Overheating disturbs the structural integrity of the plate, and the food juices may soak into the plate causing it to break, bend, burn or warp.
  • Let the food cool down a bit. Many people commit the mistake of taking food immediately from the paper plate after heating on a microwave. It is always advisable to allow the food to cool and settle down for a couple minutes before you make efforts to take it out of the appliance. This approach keeps the foot intact and prevents the plate from burning your fingers.

Microwaving Dixie Plates: Final Thoughts

Paper plates, especially Dixie plates are generally safe to use in a microwave. The most important thing you need to remember is that dyed and bleached paper plates are not safe for use in a microwave oven. 

Dixie plates are made using quality materials, and also come with high heat resistance and soak proof shield to offer the durable protection for the users. 

If your Dixie plates are labeled as microwave safe, then you can confidently use the paper plates to reheat all types of food for one to two minutes in the microwave.