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How to Heat Frozen Naan in Microwave

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Do you have leftover Chicken Tikka Masala or Palak Paneer and need to defrost naan to pair with the meal? Frozen naan always needs to be hot before it’s served with other dishes. 

There are several methods to thaw or reheat naan, and microwaving is the quickest by far. Save the leftovers because it is quite easy to defrost bread, microwave is an easy way gets the meal prep in less than a minute. 

How do you heat frozen naan in a microwave? Cover the frozen naan with wet paper towel, place it on a microwave-safe plate and nuke for about 30 seconds. On average, the heating process will take between 30-90 seconds depending on how many pieces of naan you are heating. 

Other than the power level and microwave wattage, the number of frozen naan being heated matters a lot. Never allow the frozen naan to overheat in the microwave because the moisture content present in the naan will evaporate, making it dry up causing the starch to taste rubbery and overcooked.

The damp paper towel helps the frozen naan to retain some moisture which keeps the soft texture. However, cooking time is ultimately affected by the microwave wattage and number of pieces being heated.

Once the heated frozen naan is taken out of the microwave, serve immediately to prevent it from cooling down again. Avoid reheating over and over again so that the previously frozen naan doesn’t become overcooked.

For this article, the aim is to understand how to heat frozen naan using a microwave. Answered below are frequently asked questions about heating frozen naan, along with microwave tips for the best way to revive frozen naan so that it taste like freshly made to complete a delicious meal.

How do you defrost naan?

Prior to reheating naan in the stove top, oven, or microwave, defrosting is required. It helps to remove any ice particles and get the bread to room temperature before moving forward. 

Naan can be defrosted in a few ways: 

  • Leave it at a room temperature for an hour. 
  • Place in the fridge overnight to thaw.
  • Wrap in aluminum foil and place in a warm oven.
  • Defrost in a microwave using a piece of wet paper towel and nuke for about 30 seconds.

Once the frozen naan has been defrosted, reheating the defrosted naan in a stove is recommended to quickly pan fry the outside to keep its moisture and make it soft.

Can you microwave the frozen naan?

Absolutely yes! Frozen naan can be microwaved for 30 to 90 seconds depending on the number of pieces being heated and the microwave wattage level. 

While microwaving the frozen naan, the starch present in the leavened bread becomes re-gelatinized, making its texture a bit spongy. At the same time, the frozen naan becomes moisturized, however this can quickly change if the frozen naan is overheated or overcooked. 

Once the timer clicks out, remove the heated naan from the microwave because going beyond that will cause the bread to dry out due to evaporation. In addition, the dried starch turns chewy and the entire texture is thrown off.

The easiest way to tell whether frozen naan is ready to be serve is by trying to fold it in half. The folding process should be gentle without breaking it at any point.

On average, a piece of frozen naan should be microwaved for less than 30 seconds. The two and three naan may need a minute or slightly more. 

The time may vary slight based on the size or microwave power wattage being used. As a result, it’s best to nuke in 10 to 15 second intervals until the correct doneness is achieved.

How do you heat naan in a microwave?

To heat naan in a microwave, wrap it with a wet paper towel, which allows it to keep its moisture during the reheating process and avoid it from drying up too quickly. 

Nuke it for 30 seconds to heat the naan. The time will be depending on the watts of the appliance and the number of naan present in the microwave.

If the naan is not heated up fully and needs a bit more time, add 5 seconds at a time until it’s properly warmed. 

When heating multiple naan in a microwave at the same time, it’s important to add 15 seconds for each addition piece. Double check at the halfway point, then flip and rotate on the other side to continue heating up.

When you overheat the naan on a microwave, all the moisture disappears and makes the naan doughy and chewy. Moreover, the naan starch becomes overcooked, which makes its texture hard and elastic. 

Therefore, it is good to regularly check at 10 to 15 second intervals to avoid overheating.

Tips to thaw naan in the microwave

Reheating naan before serving is an excellent way to make the bread more flavorful. Defrosting naan prior to reheating can help to maintain its flavor and texture. 

When thawing naan in the microwave, consider the following precautions:

  • Use microwave-safe plate to defrost naan instead of to-go containers such as plastic or styrofoam boxes.
  • Cover the frozen naan with a damp paper towel to moisturize the naan during the thawing process. 
  • Place wrapped naan on a microwave-safe plate.
  • Do not over cook in the microwave to ensure the frozen naan doesn’t become tough, chewy or dry in the process.

Best way to defrost naan in the microwave

The best way to thaw frozen naan in the microwave is by wrapping it in a damped paper towel to moisturize the naan during the defrosting process. 

Stick to 10 to 15 second increments while microwaving. Flip and rotate the bread after each duration.

Microwaving a single piece of frozen naan should take about 30 seconds, but 2 to 3 pieces may take 60 to 90 seconds to fully defrost.

Once the naan is completely thawed, it is recommended to use a hot skillet and ghee to quickly crisp both sides and freshen up the leavened bread before serving. 

How to heat frozen naan in microwave

Microwaving Frozen Naan: Conclusion

Naan bread is great addition to complete your Chicken Tikka Masala dish or even to soak up the stewed lentils on your plate. To save leftover naan, it is best to freeze them so the flavor and taste are maintained with risk of spoilage.

When defrosting and reheating naan, the duration will depend on the microwave microwave and the number of naan being heated.

In order to heat frozen naan in a microwave, dampen a paper towel and cover the bread on a microwave-safe plate. Nuke on high for about 30 seconds, but depending on the microwave watts and number of naan it may take between 25 seconds to 90 seconds to fully heat.

Since the timing may vary, it is best to nuke for 10 to 15 second increments. Flip and rotate the naan after each interval so that each side is warmed evenly, and this give you the opportunity to get the perfect doneness without going over.

Do not overheat the naan in the microwave, this will cause the moisture content tp evaporate quickly and dry out the bread. Furthermore, the starch will become rubbery and chewy, trust me that won’t taste good.

Once the naan is fully heated, it is ready to serve. Make it even more delicious by panfrying in a stove top skillet with a brush of ghee on both sides to crispen up and garnish with spices of your choice.

Using a microwave to heat frozen naan is extremely quick and easy. Within a minute the bread will be ready to serve as a side to your favorite meals.