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How To Melt Mozzarella Cheese In The Microwave

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Whether you make breaded cheese sticks or homemade pizza, melt mozzarella for a quick and easy snack that makes your belly happy. If you are cheese lover, read through the ultimate guide to melt cheese in the microwave to satisfy your gooey cravings from appetizers to entrees.

Mozzarella cheese is made from cow’s or water buffalo’s milk that can be pasteurized or unpasteurized. The type can vary between low moisture semi-soft and fresh brined sliceable curds.

Mozzarella is a stretched-curd cheese that is not designed to melt. However, low-moisture mozzarella is type of cheese that may melt and get softer but won’t make a smooth and creamy sauce like cheddar or cream cheese

Other than pizza or sandwiches, melting stingy and chewy mozzarella makes for an extra special meal. So how do you melt mozzarella in the microwave?

Low moisture mozzarella can be melted in the microwave. Shred, dice or slice the cheese, place in a microwave safe bowl, set on 50% power level and nuke for 15 second increments. Stir after each time period until you reach the desired consistency.

Don’t forget to keep stirring the cheese after each interval so that the mozzarella melts evenly.

Can you heat mozzarella in the microwave?

No matter what shape or size, you may microwave mozzarella. However, fresh mozzarella will heat up differently than low-moisture mozzarella.

Use a microwave-safe container and avoid plastic dishes that can melt in the microwave. It is very important that you only use dish ware that is labeled for microwave use. 

Now that you know mozzarella can be melted in the microwave, you may be curious at what temperature and how long it takes to start melting?

At what temperature does mozzarella cheese melt?

The age and acidity level of cheese determines the specific melting point for each type.

The melting point of mozzarella is about 130 degrees Fahrenheit (55 degrees Celsius) because of the high-moisture content. Mozzarella cheese begins to soften at 90 degrees Fahrenheit (32 degrees Celsius). 

Mozzarella cheese won’t turn into a goopy dipping sauce, thats why its often blended with other types of cheese. In the end, mozzarella will get soft and still maintain its shape. 

How long do you microwave mozzarella?

Microwaving mozzarella is a bit tricky because of the high moisture content of the cheese curds. When mozzarella cheese overheats past the melting point, it turns brown and stringy very quickly. 

Depends on the temperature, size and quantity of cheese you are melting will determine how long you need to microwave mozzarella. It will take approximately 30 to 45 seconds to melt mozzarella cheese in the microwave.

If you have mozzarella string cheese to melt in the microwave, use a sheet of parchment paper and microwave-safe plate. Nuke for 15 second increments, flip over and repeat the same amount of time. Continue flipping on all sides to evenly distribute the heat and melt the cheese stick. 

Why does mozzarella cheese not melt?

Sometimes, you may experience that mozzarella just won’t melt no matter how long you heat in the microwave. 

Factory-made mozzarella cheese is low-moisture and low-fat. Processed cheese blocks, slices, shredded and string cheese have a longer shelf life than fresh mozzarella, and also react differently to heat. 

Processed mozzarella is often used in cooked dished because it melts better than fresh mozzarella balls that are molded and stored in brine or whey. 

The mozzarella cheese you see on pizza is the low-moisture type that is either cubed or shredded. They are slightly more starch heavy compared to fresh mozzarella cheese. 

Things to know before melting Mozzarella cheese in the microwave

Every kind of cheese does not melt equally, and mozzarella is no exception. Take extra care to make the magic happen when you melt mozzarella cheese in the microwave.

Here are tips to help you better understand how mozzarella cheese melts and what factors affect the melting point of mozzarella cheese in the microwave: 

  • Use non-stick microwave-safe place to melt mozzarella cheese. You can also mist nonstick cooking spray to prevent the cheese from sticking to the bowl.
  • Low-moisture mozzarella cheese melts better than fresh mozzarella cheese that is stored in brine or whey. 
  • Instead of using block or chunks of mozzarella cheese, use shredded mozzarella to melt more evenly and consistently. 
  • Flip mozzarella sticks on all each sides for best results to avoid uneven melting.
  • Mozzarella tends to clump, add a splash of milk to have smooth cheese sauce texture.

Whether you are enjoying salad or sandwiches, it’s best to choose low moisture mozzarella cheese to melt over the top of your recipe idea. 

High moisture, fresh mozzarella is difficult to achieve a creamy and melted cheese. When melting mozzarella in the microwave, go with processed low-moisture mozzarella that is sliced, cubed, or grated.

Slice, dice, or shred the mozzarella into uniform shapes and sizes. If possible, bring to room temperature for 20 minutes or so before microwaving. 

Place the mozzarella cheese into a microwave safe bowl, use medium power level, nuke for 15 second interval and stir after each increment. Repeat if necessary until the cheese reaches the melting point with a smooth and silky consistency.

How to melt mozzarella cheese in microwave.