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How To Microwave McDonald’s Apple Pie

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Do you know how to microwave McDonald’s apple pie so it’s crispy, sweet and finger-licking delicious? The sprinkled sugar topping and flaky pie crust are elements that make the dessert irresistible, but can you reheat the apple pie in a microwave?

When you save a McDonald’s apple pie for later, the microwave makes it easy to reheat the apple pie quickly. 

Line a microwave safe plate with a piece of parchment paper to absorb excess moisture. Reheat the McDonald’s apple pie on medium power level, microwave for 15 second increments and check after each interval. Remove the apple pie when it is hot, but before the inside fills with steam and makes the crust soggy.

The McDonalds apple pie crust tends to absorb liquid and turns into a gluey texture when reheated in the microwave. With the proper technique and timing, you can microwave McDonald’s and avoid any issues.

It can be a bit intimidating to microwave a slice of pie because of this issue. Here is the best way to enjoy a hot apple pie in a blink of an eye!

Can you microwave apple pie?

When handled safely, leftover apple pie is suitable to heat up in the microwave. Proper storage in the fridge is key so it’s ready to reheat without being spoiled.

According to the USDA temperature danger zone guidelines, leftover food is considered perishable, and needs to be refrigerated or frozen within 2 hours.

In general, apple pies lasts up to two to four days in the refrigerator. It is recommended to store leftover pie in an airtight container to avoid contact with air that may dry out the crust and filling.

Always pull out the apple pie in advance to bring down to room temperature. It will take about 10 to 20 minutes depending on the size of the pie slice.

Is it safe microwave McDonald’s apple pie?

It is safe to reheat McDonald’s apple pie on a microwave safe plate, however it’s recommended to avoid using the original box. 

Why is it so important to transfer the McDonald’s apple pie to a microwave safe plate before reheating?

The McDonald’s pie box is made with cardboard that is lined with a wax coating. As a result, the box can hold the warm pie but is not suitable for cooking with high heat. 

The USDA safe handling procedures considers leftover food to be perishable. Therefore, it should not sit out at room temperature for longer that 4 hours. 

Because it contains sugar and acid, consuming McDonald’s apple pie that has been left at room temperature for extended amounts of time might expose you to harmful bacteria growth. As a result, it’s best to consume heated apple pie instead of eating slices that have been left out overnight.

Can you freeze and reheat McDonald’s apple pie?

Another method of properly storing McDonald’s apple pie is by freezing them for lengthier time. Individually wrap the pie with aluminum foil, plastic freezer wrap or inside an airtight container so the pie doesn’t dry out. 

When it’s time to reheat, make sure to pull it out an hour ahead of time. It’s best to bring the pie to room temperature before reheating. 

Place parchment paper under the pie when microwaving so that the crust doesn’t get extra soggy. As a result, you will get crispy crust instead of allowing steam to build up inside the microwave. 

How do you reheat McDonald’s apple pie?

The quickest way to reheat McDonald’s apple pie is using the microwave. Transfer the pie onto a microwave-safe plate for quick and effective reheating in less than a minute.

Heat the apple pie for 15 seconds, check the temperature and if the warmth is not enough then give it another 15 seconds. Stick with 10-15 seconds intervals to allow for the heat to distribute evenly

This will help you avoid having a cold bite and burning hot bite right next to each other.

The key to successfully microwaving a McDonald’s apple pie is to find the correct power level setting and amount of time. Every microwave has a slightly different wattage, therefore the power level and time will vary. 

Start with low to medium power setting, and don’t exceed 15 seconds at a time to reheat the pie. By doing so, you will prevent loads of steam building up inside which causes a soggy crust.

Things to know before microwaving McDonald’s apple pie

Reheating McDonald’s apple pie in the microwave is easy as counting 1, 2, 3. Make the simple things in life taste even better so that you no longer have to give up on quality.

Here are things to know before microwaving McDonald’s apple pie:

  • Line a microwave safe plate with a paper towel or parchment paper to absorb any moisture while reheating the pie. 
  • Avoid reheating with the McDonald’s pie box. The disposable container may cause soggy texture because moisture gets trapped inside the box while reheating.
  • For a crispy crust, replace the plate with a microwave crisper pan. The cooking tray gives an oven browning effect and helps evenly distribute heat without being greasy. 
  • Don’t overheat the filling because the steam inside the pie can make the crust moist and soggy.

Transfer the McDonald’s apple pie from the takeout box to a microwave safe plate lined with parchment paper. Nuke for 15 second increments until the crust is crispy and the filling is hot. 

McDonald’s apple pie is known for a sweet and crispy dessert that is a perfect end to the fast food meal. Learn how to microwave the apple pie from McDonald’s with the right timing, power setting, and recommended gear to achieve fresh, crunchy and overall delicious dessert. 

Best way to microwave McDonald's apple pie