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How to Microwave Porridge

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Have you ever tried to microwave porridge? If you are tired of using a stove to cook from scratch or reheat leftovers, porridge is hearty, nutritious, and filling breakfast bowl filled with wholesome grains.

Microwaving porridge is an easy way to serve hot meals within minutes, which can be executed properly without exploding or burning at the bottom.

How do you microwave porridge? Add all the ingredients to a microwave safe bowl and mix well. Cover the bowl with plastic wrap and poke a small hole in the middle to vent steam.

Place it in the microwave and cook on high for 3 to 5 minutes, and stir every 15 to 30 seconds for even doneness throughout. 

Once the porridge is fully cooked, stir again and allow it to sit for 2 minutes. Afterwards, garnish with toppings such as nuts, fruits, maple syrup or honey and serve while hot. 

Porridge can be made by microwaving oatmeal, cream of wheat or other whole grains, and with milk or with water. The results produce diverse taste and require varying cook times.

In this article, we will learn everything you need to know about microwaving porridge.  Answered below are frequently asked questions about using a microwave to cook and reheat porridge the best way.

Is it ok to microwave porridge?

Yes, it is ok to microwave porridge. In fact, you can make porridge in the microwave with wheat, corn, steel cut, rolled, quick oats, and many more. 

Depending on the selection of grain, cooking time may take longer than others. 

Furthermore, the liquid ratio of porridge can determine the consistency of the meal. While some may take considerably more liquid than others, it is important to keep a close eye on the status so the grains don’t burn.

There are many ways to heat up porridge including stovetop, microwave, or even instant pot. However, microwaving porridge is easier and faster compared to any other method.

Microwave is the simplest way to serve porridge, while also encouraging a healthy diet loaded with minerals, fat, and fibers with safe cooking.

How long should porridge be in the microwave?

Regardless of grain type, cooking porridge in the microwave takes about 3 to 5 minutes on high power. Afterwards, it is advised to let it stand for 2 minutes before consuming.

When reheating porridge in the microwave, always uncover the bowl and run for 1 to 2 minutes on high power.

If it starts to boil and thickens into a smooth and creamy mixture, then add a splash of milk or water to get the desired texture.

How do you microwave porridge without it exploding?

To prevent porridge from exploding in the microwave, consider changing the power settings. This works all types of porridge, including instant oats and other grains. 

Lengthen the cooking time and lowering the power setting between 50 to 70% power level can allow you to catch the boiling point and prevent from overflow or exploding.

Catch the boiling point and stir the porridge frequently in-between 15 to 30 second intervals is highly recommended to prevent porridge from exploding.

Other methods include putting a chopstick across the top of the bowl while porridge cooks. When the water boils and bubbles allow form with the grain starches, the chopstick will break the surface tension and prevent boil over.

Microwave porridge ratio

The liquid and grain ratio determines the texture of the porridge. Whether you are using milk or water, understanding the right microwave porridge ratio will keep the liquid to grain amounts in balance.

Per 50g dry porridge meal, use 350ml of milk or water. 

The consistency will based on your preference, but adding more liquid results in a runny porridge. 

No matter how much liquid you cook with, the porridge will thicken as it cools. So, bear that in mind when cooking porridge in the microwave and make adjustments to the porridge ratio accordingly. 

Tips to microwave porridge

Whether cooking or reheating leftover porridge, microwave is helpful to quickly warm up and serve porridge in minutes with your favorite toppings.

But without understanding the ratio or cooking time, meal prepping can become disastrous and end up in an explosion or boiling over which is a mess to clean up afterward.

Here are useful tips to microwave porridge:

  • Always use a deep and wide microwave oatmeal bowl, and do not overfill the container. Instead, allow a couple of inches on top for the bubbles and prevent overflow.
  • Stir every 15 to 30 seconds to heat evenly and avoid exploding in the microwave.
  • Change the power level to 70% on the microwave and lengthen the cooking time.
  • Cover with plastic wrap or damp paper towel and poke a hole in the center to release steam. 
  • Add milk after cooking to make the porridge loose and creamy.

Best way to microwave porridge

The best way to microwave porridge is by cooking single portions at a time, lowering the power level and stirring frequently. This will enable the porridge to heat up evenly for a more consistent result.

Combine the porridge mixture well in a microwave-safe bowl. Cover the bowl with vented lid for even distribution of heat and to prevent from exploding.

Run the microwave on high for 3 to 5 minutes and stir frequently at 15 to 30 second intervals. Once porridge starts boil and indicates steam, stir and add milk if needed. 

Allow to rest for 2 minutes after cooking so the porridge soaks up any remaining liquid. Garnish with your desired topping and enjoy while hot. 

Porridge in microwave

Microwaving Porridge: Conclusion

Cooking or heating up porridge in a microwave is the easiest and quickest way to make hearty and delicious bowl meal for breakfast or dinner. Loaded with nutrients and healthy fibers, porridge can be prepared in a short time. 

In addition, leftover porridge can be stored and reheated in the microwave to serve on a busy morning.

Furthermore, microwaving porridge is safe and easy with any grains such as wheat, corn, steel cut, rolled, quick oats, and instant oats. These variety of grains create different tastes and texture porridge that requires more or less cooking time.

Understand the microwave porridge ratio and timing to help heat up a single portion quickly. 

Depending on the amount of porridge, type of grain and microwave wattage level, it will take between 3 to 5 minutes to fully cook. For better results, lower the power level and extend the microwave time to avoid the porridge exploding in the microwave.

Use microwave-safe bowl and cover loosely with a damp paper towel or plastic wrap with holes to release the steam while cooking. Try these tips and method to microwave porridge to nail the best taste and consistency you prefer every time.