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How to Reheat Beyond Burger in Microwave

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Do you have leftover Beyond Burger patties that need be reheated before serving? From meatloaf to tacos, there are many ways to enjoy reheated Beyond Burger patties other than your norm cheeseburger. 

Reheating the plant based burger can save meal prepping time and solve your hangry belly with the press of a microwave button. Warm the leftovers in the microwave for a quick and easy solution to your hunger craving.

How do you reheat Beyond Burgers in the microwave? Place the burger patties on a microwave-safe plate and cover with a damp paper towel to avoid drying out and keep the moisture content while reheating. Microwave on reheat setting or 70% power level for 1 minute on each side, or until the internal temperature reaches 74 or 165.

Beyond burgers can be reheated in a microwave for a quick and easy addition to your meal. Precooked Beyond Burgers may also be frozen and need to defrost completely, using microwave will be the quickest method to follow. 

If you follow the steps suggested in this post, reheating a Beyond Burger can be done without altering the taste or texture. In this post, we will respond to frequently asked questions about reheating beyond burgers the best way. 

Can you heat Beyond Burger in the microwave?

Yes, you can heat beyond burgers in a microwave. As long as the internal temperature of the Beyond Burger reaches 74 degrees Celsius or 165 degrees Fahrenheit then it is considered safe to eat. 

Regular microwave settings will not work well, especially for Beyond Burger. If you use a standard high-heat setting, the patties will reheat on the outside, but still remain cold on the inside. 

When a Beyond Burger is overheated, it will change to undesirable mushy texture. 

The manufacturer recommends defrosting overnight inside a refrigerator for best results. However, this method will take more planning and time. 

Using the microwave is the quickest method to reheat a Beyond Burger, and it also does not require oil or skillet to reheat. All you need is to set your microwave on lower power setting, add your desired seasonings to enhance the burger’s flavor and stand close by. 

Is it safe to reheat Beyond Burger in the microwave?

Yes, it is safe to reheat Beyond Burger in the microwave. Though the packaging instructs not to microwave, there are no health concerns with microwaving Beyond Burgers as long as the internal temperature is reheated to 74 degrees Celsius or 165 degrees Fahrenheit. 

Microwaves neither alter food in any way nor make them dangerous. The warnings could allude to the fact that the food packaging should not be microwaved as it could cause the release of harmful chemicals into food. 

Secondly, microwave heating could change the texture by making it mushy, soggy, or even rubbery. Thirdly, microwaving some foods, especially those with airtight coverings or shell-covered, could cause an explosion in the microwave. 

So, when reheat Beyond Burger, be keen on the microwave timing. Overheating changes its texture and undercooking could leave potential hazardous food borne bacteria in place.

How long to reheat Beyond Burger?

On average, fully reheating Beyond Burgers in the microwave takes about two minutes. To be considered safe to eat, the patty must be reheated to an internal temperature of 74 or 165

The microwave wattage and amount of burger patties you are reheating can vary the microwave time. Take a lot of precautions when reheating beyond the burger. Overheated beyond meat ends up with a mushy, soggy or rubbery texture. 

For 1000 watts microwave, it takes about 1½ minutes to 2 minutes to fully reheat the burger patty. However, timing also depends on the thickness of the burger and whether or not the patty has come to room temperature outside of the fridge. 

Tips for reheating Beyond Burger in a microwave

It is fast and easy to reheat Beyond Burger in a microwave, but remember that the packaging warns to avoid microwaving. This warning has nothing to do with health concerns, but the burger itself prefers other cooking methods.

Here are microwave tips to use when reheating Beyond Burger quickly:

  • Do not overheat the Beyond Burger as it will change the texture making it rubbery or soggy.
  • Properly cooked Beyond Burger still retains red or pink color from the inside.
  • Avoid reheating on high or full 100% power in microwave, instead adjust to 70% to reheat slowly to prevent from overheating too quickly.
  • Cover the burger with damp paper towel to prevent from drying out and keep the patty juicy.
  • Flip the burger patty half way through microwaving to evenly reheat both sides.
  • Store the Beyond Burger patties in airtight Ziploc bag or microwave safe container in fridge or freezer to sustain its taste and texture.

When reheating frozen Beyond Burgers, ensure to defrost in the microwave or place in the fridge overnight to help to reheat thoroughly inside and outside. 

Best way to reheat Beyond Burger in microwave

Reheating any food including Beyond Burger in the microwave saves time and makes the meal prep go so much smoother. Not only will it be juicy and delicious tasting, but it is also loaded with nutrients and fiber that can fulfill your daily servings when added to salad, wrap, or any dishes of your choice.

When reheating Beyond Burger in the microwave, do not use the regular microwave settings, it is too powerful and extremely high heat can alter the texture instantly.

Place the desired pieces of Beyond Burger on the microwave-safe plate. Ensure to cover the plate with a damp paper towel to keep the moisture intact and avoid the edges from drying out.

Adjust the microwave setting to 70% power and reheat for 1 minute. At the halfway point, turn the burger patty on the other side and microwave for another minute.

Check the burger by carefully touching the middle and edges to evaluate if it is fully reheated. If the center is still cold, microwave an additional 30 seconds at a time without the paper towel until reheated to an internal temperature of 74°C or 165°F.

Once they are fully reheated, transfer to a warm hamburger bun or serve on a salad to make a full meal. 

How to reheat Beyond burger in microwave

Reheating Beyond Burger in Microwave: Conclusion

Beyond Burger is a plant-based meat alternatives that tastes and cooks like a real beef burger, but without any animal byproducts. It even has beets that give it an actual bloody color after cooking. 

If you are dealing with leftover precooked Beyond Burger to make a quick meal for lunch or dinner, simply heat in the microwave to get the job done. The goal is to reheat the burger patties inside and outside completely without having a cold spots.

Transfer the Beyond Burger to a microwaveable container and cover with a lid or damp paper towel. This not only helps to maintain its moisture, but also can prevent juices from splattering while heating.

Set the microwave for 70% power, run it for 1 minute, flip to the other side and continue reheating for another minute. Reheating to an internal temperature of 74℃ or 165℉ will help to avoid having cold pockets.

If the cooked burger patty is frozen, make sure to thaw before reheating to prevent from overheating and potentially altering the texture. 

Reheating a Beyond Burger is quick and easy. Within 2 minutes the plant based patty will be hot and ready to serve with your favorite accompaniments.