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How to Reheat Shrimp in Microwave

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Shrimp is nutritious, versatile, and delicious seafood. From roasting to baking, sautéing, and grilling, you can enjoy shrimp in any multiple recipe variations. 

When you have leftover shrimp, it is easy reheat shrimp in microwave to revive the flavor and taste. Let’s discuss the quickest way to heat shrimp.

How do you reheat shrimp in microwave? Place the shrimp on a microwave-safe dish in a single layer and cover with lid to trap the steam. Microwave on high for a minute until they are fully reheated. 

Avoid reheating for longer than 3 minutes since overcooking shrimp will ruin the texture.

If there is leftover shrimp, always store them in an airtight container instead of leaving them unwrapped and exposed. With proper storage, shrimp revives as fresh as original and it is easier to reheat them without losing its flavor and texture. 

To keep shrimp moist and juicy, ensure to use lid or plastic wrap to keep the steam within that prevents from drying out. 

In this article, you will learn tips to reheat shrimp in the microwave. Answered below are frequently asked questions about using a microwave to reheat shrimp quickly.

Can you reheat shrimp in the microwave?

Yes, you can reheat shrimp in a microwave. Making use of the microwave is safe way to reheat pre-cooked shrimp. 

While some sources claim that reheating cooked shrimp or any seafood is not a good practice, this tends to be because it can overcook the shrimp and the smell can get unpleasant. However, reheating once is permissible and only for a minute with a 30 second intervals that help to prevent overcooking.

Place the cooked shrimp inside the appliance and microwave on high for a minute increment until the inside warms up. 

Use a microwave for reheating shrimp only one time and do not reheat more than once. This will help avoid compromising the texture and taste of the dish. 

Reheat a small portion that you are planning to eat right away is best.

Depending on the amount of shrimp you are reheating, do not overcrowd the dish nor reheat big batches in the microwave. As a result, it will cause uneven heating and some parts of the shrimp may remain cold while other areas get overcooked.

Is it safe to reheat shrimp in the microwave?

Yes, it is safe to reheat shrimp in the microwave. Cooked shrimp may be consumed within 4 days of refrigeration. 

There is however a risk of a fishy seafood smell or potential for drying out. To avoid this instances, add onions or garlic to enhance aroma and texture which tastes much better when reheating.

Seafood such as shrimp holds nutrients and flavor when reheated using a microwave. It is better to microwave with a sprinkle of water over the top and cover it to provide even heating. 

This way the shrimp does not dry out and moisture is locked in. Also, the fishy smell will not spread or splatter on the inside of the appliance. 

Remove the lid or cover carefully to prevent any kind of steam burn on your hands or face. Just microwave for a minute on high to warm the shrimp through and you are ready to eat. 

Try to avoid overheating by applying short intervals and microwave small amounts at a time so all sides get reheated.

How long do you reheat shrimp in the microwave?

It takes one to three minutes to reheat shrimp in the microwave. When you are reheating, microwave for a minute to get started, then check and add increments as needed.

Microwave on high by covering the dish either with wrap or a lid. However, there should be an outlet for air to avoid steam build-up.

Depending on the wattage of your microwave, always cook the shrimp on high or full power, but do not go over 3 minutes to reheat the shrimp. If is it microwaved at too high temperature for too long, it may result rubbery and dried out texture.

How do you know when shrimp is reheated in the microwave?

Shrimp is reheated in the microwave when it is extremely hot to the touch, has steam rising from the surface and smells like cooked shrimp. The best way to check if shrimp is reheated is by using a thermometer to check that the internal temperature reaches 74°C or 165°F.

Consuming improperly reheated shrimp may cause food poisoning or bacteria to harm your body. Whether the shrimp is mixed with sauce or vegetables in a dish, sometimes it is hard to know if shrimp is fully reheated.

There is a small trick to know when shrimp is reheated in the microwave. If you check the shrimp back, there is a crevice where the shrimp vein is removed. 

The thickest section of the shrimp which is the opposite end to the shrimp’s tail should stay locked. The crevice should turn opaque from translucence and this is when shrimp is reheated all the way through.

For shrimp to be reheated properly, ensure all pieces are spread in one layer and are preferably the same size. It is best not to mix medium and jumbo shrimp while microwaving. 

Ensure shrimp is not stacked on one another, but evenly spread for even heating, then splash a little water on them. This way the reheating is done evenly at a time, then flip them to the other side and repeat for a short duration.

How to store cooked shrimp

To store cooked shrimp, seal the leftovers in an airtight container, cover the dish with plastic wrap or close in a resealable bag. Using a freezer bag or reusable container, shrimp can be stored in the fridge or freezer to preserve freshness.

Store it within 2 hours of cooking, and appropriately kept shrimp should be good for 3 to 4 days in the fridge, and up to 3 months in the freezer.

Storing cooked shrimp in the fridge is fine for around 3 to 4 days by wrapping the bowl with foil or cling wrap. However, it may stay for longer in the freezer. 

The lesser the refrigeration time, the higher the quality. It is always better to toss the shrimp if it has been stored for too long. 

If it smells weird or looks slimy post-storing, it should not be eaten. 

Tips to reheat shrimp in the microwave

The microwave is easy and quick cooking method compared to stovetop or oven, which helps you to avoid overcooking or spoiling your shrimp. Save leftover shrimp dishes by learning these tips to reheat shrimp in the microwave.

  • Frozen shrimp should be reheated only after completely defrost shrimp in the microwave. Otherwise, the shrimp will not reheat through and you will end up with an ice cold center and overcooked exterior.
  • Do not reheat shrimp twice as it impacts the quality, taste, and texture. Reheat only as much as you want to eat right away.
  • Use a microwave-safe dish or microwave safe container to reheat in the microwave.
  • Use a microwave cover over the dish to prevent splatter and trap steam to promote even heating. If you don’t have a lid, consider a damp paper towel or microwave safe plastic wrap
  • Microwave to reheat to 1 to 3 minutes with one-minute increments and a splash of water in the dish. This will reheat evenly and not let it dry out.
  • Ensure the shrimp is not rancid before heating. Bad odors or weird smell should be present with the shrimp. Slimy shrimp also indicates it to be spoiled.
  • Place the cooked shrimp in the fridge in a time frame of 2 hours post-cooking. It should be consumed within 4 days of cooking when refrigerated and 3 months when frozen.
  • Shrimp can be frozen to extend its shelf life. However, the taste and texture may be impacted.

Always double check the condition of shrimp before microwaving. Check for smell and slimy surface to avoid from reheating spoiled shrimp. 

If you have stored the shrimp in airtight container or Ziploc bag in fridge or freezer, you should be good to go. 

Best way to reheat shrimp in the microwave

The best way to reheat shrimp in the microwave is by spreading them in a microwave-safe dish separated from each other in a single layer. Cover the lid or with a wrap, and add a splash of water inside the dish to avoid drying it out.

Follow the steps to reheat shrimp in a microwave:

  • Spread the shrimp in a microwavable dish. Do not stack or overcrowd them but spread in one layer.
  • Cover the dish with a lid or wrap it to trap steam within. This will assist in even heating.
  • Heat on high for one minute increments up to 3 minutes in total, or until reheated to an internal temperature of 74 degrees Celsius or 165 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • Do not risk longer heating times as it can overcook the shrimp ruining its texture and taste.
  • Stir well and let it sit for 1 minute to be ready to eat. If you are trying to eat hot shrimp right out of microwave, it can burn your mouth.

Microwaving to reheat shrimp is quite easy and simple way to enjoy leftover meals. Use these microwave tips for the correct way to cook shrimp to the right temperature and timing to avoid drying or overcooking them to taste like rubber.

How to reheat shrimp in microwave

Reheating Shrimp in Microwave: Conclusion

From pasta to stir fried rice, shrimp is nutritious and flavorful seafood that everyone loves. However, dealing with leftover shrimp dishes can be troublesome. 

Using stovetop or oven, shrimp gets easily overcooked and the texture changes in a blink of an eye. This is where the microwave method is quite useful compared to any other kitchen appliances.

To reheat shrimp in microwave, you just need to place them in one layer without stacking pieces on top of each other. Add a splash of water over the top, cover the dish with lid or plastic wrap and ensure there is a hole to release the steam a little bit.

Microwave high for one minute increments, up to about three minutes in total, until it is cooked all the way through. After 1 minute of reheating time, carefully lift the lid and stir well to evenly distribute the heat.

Check the shrimp crevice color for doneness. If the crevice turned opaque from transparent, then the shrimp is reheated. 

Always reheat perishable food to an internal temperature of 74°C or 165°F. As a result, you won’t get mislead to consume shrimp that may contribute to food poisoning. 

If you have been experiencing trouble with drying out, rubbery texture, or fishy smell when reheating shrimp, use these essential tips and tricks to reheat shrimp in the microwave. It is safe and cuts your meal prep time in half, so you are ready to enjoy the meal in just a few minutes.

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