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How to Warm Oat Milk in Microwave

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Are you looking for an easy way to warm up oat milk? From creamer to delicious foamy froth, oat milk adds a nutty and buttery taste to your favorite coffee and teas. 

Cozy glass of warm microwaved plant milk can be a thrilling treat on its own, and it can also present itself in many of your favorite recipes when heated properly. 

How do you warm oat milk in microwave? Put the desired amount of oat milk into a microwave-safe glass jar, set the microwave to medium heat and nuke for 15 seconds.

Gently stir the oat milk after each interval, and continue heating the beverage for 15 seconds at a time. Repeat the process until there is steam rising from oat milk, but don’t let it boil otherwise it will thicken too much.

Oat milk should be warmed slowly and gently to acquire the best results. Heating oat milk excessively can alter the flavor or lead to a film of protein on the top. 

Fortunately, it is possible to evade these problems by using a microwave on medium to low heat.

If you are looking for warm oat milk to add into any cooking and baking recipes, keep in mind that starting with room-temperature oat milk works better than cold. Make use of microwave to get rid of the chill from liquid to bring to room temperature at least.

In this article, we are going to review the best ways to warm oat milk by following the science behind the heating process. Answered below are frequently asked questions about heating oat milk along with kitchen tips for the best way to microwave oat milk to enjoy anytime.

Is it OK to Microwave Oat Milk?

Yes, it’s ok to microwave oat milk, but do it gently because overheating will change its consistency by making it extremely thick. 

Too much heat can result in a thick layer of coagulated proteins on top, similar to whole milk. Similarly when it comes to plant-based milk such as oat milk, high heat can result in coagulation of particles and gelatinization of starch.

Ensure to use a microwave-safe container and a temperature of medium heat to avoid the boiling point of oat milk. 

For oat milk, microwave in 15 seconds intervals until it heats up to your preferred temperature. If it reaches the boiling point, it will start splattering and make the inside of the appliance dirty very quickly.

Is it Safe to Heat Oat Milk in the Microwave?

Yes, you can safely heat oat milk in the microwave if you are applying an appropriate technique. However, there are two risk factors when heating, oat milk can easily scorch at the bottom of the container and it will form protein film on the surface.

Reusing scorched milk is not recommended because it will taste burnt, but you can blend back the skim formed when heating the milk, although this will compromise the texture. 

When pasteurizing oat milk, heat it to 145 degrees Fahrenheit. Then, allow it to cool to 40 degrees Fahrenheit before storing it in the refrigerator.

Typically, the shelf life of oat milk is two weeks from the date it was opened. So, if you purchases milk and uses only part of it, the remaining can last for up to 2 weeks before the oat milk goes bad.

What Happens If You Microwave Oat Milk?

When heating oat milk in microwave, the heat is made by electromagnetic radiation that vibrates the water molecules in the oat milk that cause friction and generate heat. 

Oat milk is different than cow milk as it is made with oats and water, therefore it reacts differently to heat because of the high starch content. However, the process to warm up oat milk is relatively similar.

To sustain the nutty and buttery flavor, slowly and gently heat on medium power level.

How Long Does It Take to Warm Oat Milk in Microwave?

When warming a cup of oat milk under a high heat setting, it will take 15 seconds. If you set the microwave on medium-high heat, you will need a maximum of 30 to 40 seconds for the milk to be warm. 

Ensure to keep stirring after every 15 seconds to avoid uneven heating, which might lead to scorching the bottom of the cup.

Also, opt to microwave oat milk with chocolate, ground cinnamon, or vanilla extract for flavor.

Tips for Microwaving Oat Milk

Oat milk is great alternative plant-based milk to replace regular dairy milk in some cooking. Whether you are using oat milk in baking or beverages, we’ve collected microwave tips for warming oat milk to help your meal prep:

  • Always use microwave-safe dishes when warming oat milk in the microwave.
  • Don’t place warmed oat milk back in the fridge as there is a high risk of contamination or food borne illness.
  • Ensure to gently stir oat milk as much as possible to prevent scorching or boiling, and use it as soon as it is warm.
  • Avoid heating up homemade oat milk on high heat due to it will thicken very much. To prevent this from happening, add oil to slow down the thickening process, but realize that it is less filtered than oat milk brands.
  • Even though oat milk does not have a buildup of lactic acid like cow milk, it can still curdle when poured in hot coffee. Make sure to make the oat milk same temperature as coffee to avoid curdling and separating.

Best Way to Make A Warm Glass of Oat Milk in Microwave

The process of warming milk in the microwave might take longer due to stirring every 15 seconds so the heat is evenly distributed throughout. However, be aware of how crucial it is to slow down the process since oat milk is easily scorched and thickens very quickly when exposed to high heat.

Place oat milk in a large container that is microwave safe to ensure there is extra space to stir. Set the medium temperature on your microwave and nuke for 15 seconds at a time.

Gently stir the liquid and continue warming for 15 seconds at a time with frequent stirring. The oat milk is ready when you notice steam rising from it.

Microwaving oat milk requires careful attention, but there is nothing to worry about or special tools needed. However, oat milk is just fragile and needs to handle with care. 

Stirring the milk while microwaving will prevent it from scorching, boiling and spilling over. Consider consuming or using all of oat milk after warming, and avoid refrigerating heated oat milk.

How to warm oat milk in microwave

Microwaving Oat Milk: Conclusion

Plant-base milk such as oat milk is perfect substitute for coffee, stews, soups and more. It is preferred to use as warm milk instead cold when it comes to cooking or baking. 

In order to warm oat milk in microwave, decide the amount you need and pour the oat milk into a microwave-safe cup or mug. Cover the cup with paper towel or parchment paper to avoid from splattering. 

Adjust the microwave to medium power and start with 15 seconds at a time. Carefully remove the cup and stir well with a utensil, doing this will help to even out the temperature top to bottom.

Repeat with 15 seconds intervals and stir frequently until you see steam coming out from oat milk. This indicate the oat milk is warm to serve with coffee or to make to hot chocolate. 

Do not heat on high eat or try to boil oat milk. Overheating will cause the liquid to thicken into a gravy or pudding-like consistency.

The microwave is fast and safe way to warm oat milk. Within a minute or two, your oat milk will be warm and ready to use for whichever purpose you have in mind.

Jennifer Hornsby

Sunday 9th of January 2022

Before I saw this, I'd often warmed oat milk in a microwave -- for 60 seconds on medium heat without pause. No problems about scorching. Perhaps different brands behave differently. I was always using Oat-ly.


Sunday 9th of January 2022

Medium heat for a minute works well. But if you have a 1200 watt microwave and you nuked on high, then you would have problems if you didn't stir at any point while warming the oat milk.