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Can You Microwave A Starbucks Ceramic Mug?

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Is it safe to use a Starbucks ceramic mug in the microwave? Whether you brewed a pot of fresh coffee in the early morning, or you stopped by coffee station to get an afternoon refill, can you microwave a Starbucks ceramic cup? 

Starbucks ceramic mugs have become a fad among many collectors because the cups have different theme designs based on holidays and major cities around the world. In addition, the mugs come with a lid so that you can seal the top while commuting.

In general, ceramic mugs are labeled as microwave safe or not for use in microwave. Sometimes the glazed finish used on ceramic mugs contain lead or other heavy metals like arsenic, which can contaminate liquids microwaved in the mug. 

Before you proceed with microwaving a Starbucks ceramic mug, always check the bottom of the cup to see if it is microwave-safe. A label will say, “microwave safe” or “safe for microwave use.”

If properly labeled for safe use in the microwave oven, then you can confidently microwave Starbucks cups in the kitchen appliance for a quick reheat. Here are tips to help you microwave a Starbucks ceramic mug the right way!

Why can’t you microwave all ceramic mugs?

In the end, it really depends on how the ceramic mug is made and what type of glaze is used. Some glazes contain lead or heavy metals that are not safe to consume, which may leach into food when heated in a microwave.

If you don’t know whether or not a ceramic mug is safe to microwave, here are a few ways to identify if the ceramic mug is microwaveable:

  • White and black matte glazed mugs are either lead-free or low-lead.
  • Glossy mugs are typically finished with a high-lead glaze.

After heavy usage, especially with acidic foods, in combination with excessive microwaving, the glaze may start to break down or crack. This can lead to a health hazard, which is defiantly something to be aware of. 

Glossy glaze finishing introduces the possibility of lead consumption, but nowadays most mugs are labeled microwave-safe. 

Starbucks ceramic mugs are microwave safe as long as they do not have metal gilding in the theme design. 

Test your mug by filling it with water and microwaving it for 30 seconds; the liquid should be hotter than the mug. However, if the mug is hotter than the water, then the mug is not microwave-safe. 

Why do some ceramic mugs get hot in the microwave?

You may have already experience microwaving ceramic mugs. In my experience, there have been ceramic mugs that almost burn my fingers when touching the handles just after microwaving. 

In fact, some ceramic mugs get extremely hot when used to heat up liquids in a microwave. If the handle of the ceramic mug absorbs more microwave energy than the cut, the occurrence is related to the construction of the mug. 

In general, the thicker the ceramic the hotter the core temperature. As a result, the contents will will remain hot for a much longer period of time.

The heat-conducting properties of the ceramic don’t allow for thermal conductivity at a high level. Therefore, heat isn’t able to rapidly transfer all the way into the handle from the body of the cup. 

In addition, some Starbucks ceramic mugs are coated with more decorations that affect thermal conductivity in different ways. It is common for some materials to actually heat up quickly and may even block the microwaves from warming the liquid inside the cup. 

Can you heat up Starbucks ceramic mug?

If you want to use a microwave to reheat your beverage, then a ceramic mug is great choice to solve the issue. Before placing any dishes into the microwave, look on the bottom to verify whether or not the dish ware is labeled as microwave safe.

Test your Starbucks ceramic mug by filling it half full of water and microwave it for 30 seconds. If the mug gets hotter than the liquid in the short microwave duration, then that cup is not safe for microwave use.

Be aware that cups and dishes can overheat in the microwave. Use caution, microwave in short intervals and stir the contents in between each duration.

Things to know before microwaving Starbucks ceramic mug

Keep your favorite coffee warm throughout the day by safely microwaving a Starbucks ceramic mug. Enjoy a hot beverage by knowing exactly how to reheat coffee in the microwave.

Here are microwaving tips before you reheat anything inside a ceramic Starbucks mug:

  • If the Starbucks mug is not properly labeled for safe microwave use, then use a microwave safe container like a pyrex glass measuring cup. Afterwards, pour the contents into the mug. 
  • If using a ceramic Starbucks mug in the microwave, do not use the lid. The lid is not safe to use in a microwave oven.
  • Use the microwave in 30 second intervals. Check the temperature and stir the contents at each duration.
  • Always check the temperature of the handle before touching. If necessary, grab the handle of the ceramic mug with an oven glove to remove your mug after heating from microwave. 
  • The reusable ceramic mug with lid will keep a beverage warm for an extended period of time. 

Before proceeding with microwaving a dish ware, be sure to verify if the vessel is safe to use in a microwave. You risk exposure to contaminants and safety hazards when using the wrong containers in a microwave oven.


Whether you are coffee or tea lover, drinking a hot beverage out of a reusable ceramic mug is definitely a regular routine. Not only are Starbucks mugs a collector’s item, but they are a representation of your favorite coffee brand.

Not all Starbucks ceramic mugs are microwave safe. Each mug features a unique theme design based on holidays and cities around the world, and the decorations ultimately affect the performance of the mug inside a microwave.

Always take a look at the bottom of the Starbucks mug to see if it is microwave-safe. As an extra precaution, test the ceramic mug by heating water in it before you proceed with using it as a microwave reheating gadget.

Remember that the lid is not microwave safe, so cover the hot liquid after reheating. Lastly, if the mug is not safe to use in the microwave, then use a microwave safe container and just pour the hot liquid into your favorite mug!

Is it safe to microwave a Starbucks ceramic mug?