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Can You Microwave A Starbucks Glass Bottles?

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Do you have a favorite Starbucks Frappuccino flavor and wonder if you can microwave a Starbucks glass bottle? From mocha to caramel, curiosity has me wondering whether or not it is safe to microwave a Starbucks glass bottle in order to enjoy a hot cup of joe.

Starbucks glass bottle coffee drink is a perfect grab and go that is generally kept in the refrigerator and served cold. The sweet and creamy taste is just so irresistible, especially on a warm weather day. 

But, what if you want to heat up the Starbuck glass bottle in the microwave? Starbucks glass bottles are not safe for microwave use!

If you are planning to enjoy your favorite hot Starbucks cappuccino on a cloudy chilly day, here are the best ways to microwave Starbucks cups. Simply review these steps to safely heat up the glass bottle of coffee and let’s make the magic happen. 

How long does Starbuck bottled coffee last?

Starbucks Frappuccino bottles are shelf stable and have a long life. However, it is always recommended to consume packaged foods within the shortest time possible within the indicated before the expiration date. 

The bottled coffee has a “best if used by” date that is indicated on the container, just like all other packaged food items. This date is more of industry required standard than an indication of when the drink is good to consume. 

In reality, the bottled coffee should be good for well beyond the “best before” date. Use your best judgement if consuming after the expiration date labeled on the bottle.

Here are three ways to determine if the expired bottled coffee beverage is safe to drink:

  • If the drink has a foul smell when the bottle is first opened.
  • If it has chunky texture like coagulated milk curds or the drink separated with a layer of cream floating on top.
  • If the taste is far from good or normal.

Use these guideline to decide whether or not to consume the bottled drink. Always see, smell, and taste before proceeding with microwaving a Starbucks bottled coffee. 

Is a Starbucks Frappuccino bottle perishable?

Bottled Starbucks coffee is stable at room temperature and has a long shelf life. However, once the bottle is opened the Frappuccino does need to be refrigerated after 2 hours.

Because the bottle of Frappuccino contains milk, it is recommended to consume the beverage or refrigerate within 2 hours to meet the USDA temperature danger zone guidelines. 

According to, milk is a perishable food item that should be refrigerated within 2 hours to limit the growth of bacteria.

As a result, it is recommended to consume the beverage once you open the bottle, or place it in the fridge within the 2 hour timetable. Once the beverage has been refrigerated, its best to consume within 3 to for days to prevent the milk from spoiling.

If the weather is extremely warm and the bottle is near a source of heat or in the sunlight, then the growth of bacteria is exponential. Therefore, it is important to be aware of the temperature danger zone and realize that the Starbucks Frappuccino is a perishable beverage.

Does microwaving coffee remove caffeine?

Brewed with Starbucks coffee, the 9.5 fl oz glass bottles average 90 mg of caffeine, which is definitely a moderate level compared to suggested amounts of caffeine per day. 

Heating up your coffee in the microwave reduces the natural taste of fresh brewed coffee, and also may impart bitter or sour flavors into the beverage.

However, the microwave of coffee won’t affect or reduce the caffeine level of the drink. Caffeine is a non-volatile molecule that does not degrade in any substantial degree while being heated. 

Can you heat up Starbucks Frappuccino bottles?

Bottled Frappuccinos are recommended to serve cold, however you can heat up the drink and consume hot like a cappuccino. 

The Starbucks bottles are not microwave safe!

For best results, pour the liquid into a microwave-safe cup or mug. Then, proceed by following the manufacture’s recommendations for heating liquid in the microwave. 

How do you microwave a Starbucks glass bottles?

If it is safe to boil water in the microwave, then surely you can heat up a bottle of Starbucks coffee. 

In order to enjoy sweet, creamy and hot Starbucks drinks, there are couple of tricks to prevent burning it on the stove top. Simply reheat Starbucks coffee in the microwave so you finish your cup of joe with satisfaction:

  • Use microwave-safe cup to prevent a hazardous reaction. 
  • Always fill the cup half full. Doing so requires less time to heat up. 
  • Adjust the power level to medium-high or use a reheat setting. In general, microwaves are set on high, so press down a couple notches when reheating coffee drinks.
  • Use 30 second intervals when you are reheating coffee in the microwave, and stir the liquid in between each duration.
  • Check the coffee temperature after each interval. Continue checking the temperature after each interval until it reaches your desired warmth. 
  • Use caution when removing the hot coffee from the microwave and test the temperature before drinking.

Reheating a bottled Frappuccino will taste great, but beware that overheating coffee can make it turn bitter. Because the blended beverage already has milk and sweetener added, you won’t taste much difference at all.

Things to know before microwaving Starbucks glass bottles

Avoid microwaving Starbucks glass bottles and safely heat your Frappuccino in a microwave safe cup. There are a few safety tips you need to know before microwaving Starbucks glass bottles so that you can satisfy your taste buds with hot coffee drinks at home:

  • Pour the bottled coffee into a container, cup or mug that is safe for microwave use.
  • If your microwave doesn’t have reduced heat settings that adjusts the heat level, simply start with 20 second intervals and regularly check the coffee temperature.
  • Stir the coffee between each duration.
  • Avoid heating up the liquid too quickly. No only does the sugar and dairy pose a risk for curdling, but the liquid can superheat in the microwave
  • Exercise caution when removing the hot coffee from the microwave. 
  • Check the temperature of the beverage before drinking in order to avoid burning your mouth.

If you would like a slightly warm temperature instead of boiling hot, simply pre-heat your cup in the microwave and then fill the hot cup with bottled Starbucks coffee that is at room temperature. The hot cup will break if you fill it with cold coffee, but wen done right your coffee won’t be nearly as hot and you will be able to drink it immediately. 

Whether it’s the early morning or you just want to take a coffee break in the mid-afternoon, use these tips to microwave Starbucks glass bottles the right way. Kick back and enjoy a hot cup of joe!

Can you microwave Starbucks glass bottles?