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Can You Microwave Chipotle Burrito?

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Leftover food can actually taste better the next day, but can you microwave a Chipotle burrito? The results are in and here is the ultimate guide to reheat Chipotle in the microwave!

Leaving leftovers in the fridge overnight will cause the flavors to marinate and ingredients to meld together, but how do you microwave a Chipotle burrito for a quick and delicious meal?

In order to reheat a Chipotle burrito in the microwave, you must remove the foil wrapper and use a microwave-safe dish. Microwave for 1 minute intervals, roll the burrito after each duration, and check the temperature to evenly heat the top and bottom layers.

According to the USDA temperature danger zone guidelines, Chipotle burrito leftovers should be stored in the refrigerator within 2 hours. Previously cooked food should also be eaten within 3 days for maximum freshness. 

Make sure to store a leftover Chipotle burrito in an airtight container. Start by wrapping the burrito in aluminum foil and sealing it in a Ziplock bag before placing in the refrigerator or freezer. Label the package with the current date to keep track of freshness.

How do you reheat a Chipotle burrito?

Chipotle burritos are best eaten warm, so if you got leftovers from last night or meal just got cold from sitting out too long, then you may want to reheat it. If the tortilla becomes dry or soggy and the internal temperature is cold, there are many issues at play. 

The best way to reheat a Chipotle burrito in the microwave:

  1. Remove the foil wrap from the outside of the burrito, aluminum foil is never microwave-safe.
  2. If the tortilla is dry and stale, moisten by sprinkling a little water on top, but be careful not to make the shell too wet.
  3. Place the burrito on a microwave safe dish and place the dish in the center of the microwave.
  4. Use high heat for a minute to reheat the burrito.
  5. Open the microwave to rotate the burrito upside down, then cook for another minute.
  6. Allow the burrito to rest for one minute to evenly distribute the heat.
  7. Insert a thermometer into the center of the burrito to check if the internal temperature reached 165 degrees Fahrenheit of 74 degrees Celsius.
  8. Repeat the microwaving process to make sure that all parts are fully reheated.
  9. Lastly, remove the burrito from the microwave and wait for it to be the right temperature to eat. 

Pro tip: If you’re looking for an extra special technique, I recommend using a preheated microwave crisper tray! The pan will toast or grill the outside of the tortilla, which will give it a nice crunch that will prevent the wrap from getting soggy.

How long to microwave Chipotle burrito?

A few variables can affect microwave time to reheat a Chipotle burrito. Depending on how it was stored, what ingredients are inside and how thick the burrito is, can adjust the amount of time required to reheated a Chipotle burrito in the microwave.

For refrigerated Chipotle burritos, reheat for about 3 to 4 minutes. Microwave in 1 minute durations, and rotate the burrito after each interval. Let it sit in the microwave for 45 seconds so the heat spreads evenly, then repeat this process until the burrito reaches an internal temperature of 165°F or 74°C. 

For frozen Chipotle burritos, remove the foil and wrap in a damp paper towel. Microwave on high for 2 minutes, let rest for 1 minute, then flip the burrito upside down and nuke for another 2 minutes. Check the internal temperature and repeat for another 2 minute increment if the burrito is not fully reheated.

To avoid any food poisoning or cause harm, the amount of time is important to revive cold burritos. However, finding the right temperature inside the Chipotle burrito is more crucial. So, what is the proper internal temperature to safely reheat Chipotle burritos?

What temperature do you reheat burritos?

It’s recommended to never eat cold burritos, and instead fully reheat before consuming. USDA safe handling procedures consider leftovers to be perishable food that should be fully reheated to an internal temperature of 165°F or 74°C.

Whether you choose chicken, steak or all vegetarian, it is crucial to know the right temperature to safely reheat burritos.

When reheating burritos, make sure that the internal temperature reaches over 165 degrees Fahrenheit or 74 degrees Celsius. Stick a thermometer into the thickest part of the burrito and take a reading in multiple locations.

Measure the temperature in the center on both sides to make sure the burrito is reheated evenly. Microwaves are notorious for heating food unevenly, so not every part of burrito will have the same temperature. 

If necessary, you may need to reheat it again for a half a minute. Afterwards, it should be good to eat!

Things to know before microwaving Chipotle burrito

Whether you save Chipotle burritos in the freezer or refrigerator, you may need to deconstruct the dense filling and divide it into smaller portions before microwaving. This way you can enjoy hot ingredients that will satisfy your burrito craving. 

To make the tortilla a bit crunchy, use a preheated microwave crisper pan. The induction tray will prevent the tortilla from getting too soggy and will give the wrapper a delicious crisp.

Here is an essential guide to things you should know before microwaving a Chipotle burrito:

  • Using container with lid will reduce the cook time, but be sure to leave an opening for steam to vent. 
  • For best results, use a crisper tray to make the tortilla crispy!
  • If the tortilla is getting too soggy, remove the lid completely while microwaving. 
  • Remove the sour cream or guacamole since they do not taste as good when microwaved inside the burrito.
  • Avoid using original wrap from the Chipotle burrito, they use sheets of foil which can react with the microwave and cause a fire while reheating. 
  • Put a glass of water in the microwave with the frozen burrito. The microwave energy will be spread out more evenly and will prevent the inside from uneven heating. 

Chipotle burrito leftovers are nutritious, fulfilling and taste even better when reheated properly. Always remove the foil wrapper before you microwave, and use a microwave-safe plate to heat up your burrito for a quick and delicious meal.

How to microwave Chipotle burrito