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4 Foods You Didn’t Know You Could Make in the Microwave 

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We spend a lot of time here talking about all the amazing ways you can use a microwave, from simple reheating to defrosting chicken or ground meat, to full-fledged cooking in your microwave. If you’ve been following us you might know that you can do things like meal prep eggs (along with that bacon you’ll likely need, too). And you may have seen other hacks such the viral microwave mug cake (like this peanut butter mug cake) but the microwave is surprising. Did you know you can even microwave coffee?

We get a lot of questions about what you can and can’t put in the microwave so we definitely talk a lot about how to use a microwave safely. (They’re actually pretty darned safe.) There are a lot of questions about what you can and can’t microwave!

But here are four foods we bet you didn’t know you could whip up in your microwave. As always, microwaving times often vary, so if you’re at all in doubt, start your cooking on a lower speed, stop every 30 seconds to check it, and then adjust accordingly. That adjustment might involve cooking in 30-second increments, or it might mean you have to turn the power up to get the food the way you want it.

Homemade Potato Chips

Slice them thinly using a sharp knife or mandolin slicer. You can do this with sweet potatoes or regular potatoes, such as Russets. Put them right on a piece of parchment and and salt them. No oil is needed! Pop the chips in the microwave for about 2 and a half minutes. You’ll know they’re ready because they’ll start to brown. Then flip them over and repeat the process. They’ll get crunchy. Feel free to add any other seasoning you like, besides salt. 

Note: if you are going to use sweet potatoes, they will typically cook in about half the time. 

How to reheat tortilla chips in the microwave.


Yes! You can make granola in the microwave, too. You can make it right in a mug, which is the simplest way to do it. It leaves you room to add some yogurt to it once it’s ready.  

To make granola in the microwave, you just need a couple teaspoons of coconut oil and water, along with the same amount of honey or maple syrup. As for the oats? You can use rolled or quick cooking, and you’ll need about ¼ cup plus a couple of tablespoons of them. Feel free to add about ¼ cup of other add-ins such as raisins, nuts, dried fruits, or other seeds. Microwave for about 1 and a half to 2 minutes–it’s best to do this in 30 second intervals. If in doubt, stop it part way through and check it. There should be enough liquid and nothing should burn–but you’ll see (and likely smell) the oats start to brown. 

how to make granola
granola image via Workweek Lunch


Although to some this might be shocking, it’s true. You can make risotto in the microwave. Some might argue that it takes away the sort of meditative quality that happens when you cook risotto, but if you’re making it in the microwave it has some benefits. First, it takes a fraction of the  amount of time in the microwave versus the stovetop. And it also requires a fraction of the labor, as risotto’s traditional prep requires a lot of attention and stirring! You just need a 1 1/2 to 1 ratio of water or stock to rice, and you’ll want to use Arborio rice–that’s the kind that plumps up really nicely to make risotto. Add in some cheese, salt, pepper and butter, and about ¾ cup of white wine. You’ll need to stop and stir a bit and check on it, but it works. 

microwaved risotto
image via Tablespoon

Mini Cheesecakes 

These are like mug cakes, but in cheesecake form. They take about 10 minutes or so but look like you spent much more time on them than that. Of course, you’ll need to chill them in the fridge for a bit. Make sure your mug has a wide enough bottom so that you can press the crust into it easily with your fingers. Top it with your favorite fruits or a melted chocolate.

microwave cheesecake
image via Tasty