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How To Melt Chocolate Chips In The Microwave With Butter

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How do you melt chocolate chips with butter in the microwave? From semi-sweet to dark, the ultimate guide to melt chocolate in the microwave will help you accomplish any chocolaty dessert or treat you can think of.

Melting chocolate chips in the microwave can be intimidating, especially when you are adding butter or oil. Overcooking for just a few seconds too long can lead to a burnt mess. 

Even though melting chocolate chips with butter in the microwave is the fastest method, it’s very important to watch it carefully.

Place chocolate in a heatproof bowl, microwave for 15 seconds at a time and stir after each time period. Once the chocolate is looking shiny and almost melted with just a few lumps left inside, add room temperature butter and stir until it is completely smooth.

Butter and chocolate makes a delicious combination. But, have you wondered what adding butter does to chocolate?

What does adding butter to chocolate do?

Whether the recipe you are working on is asking you to add butter or not, sometimes it is completely necessary. Adding butter to chocolate not only improves the taste, but also the texture.

Butter is added to chocolate to provide extra fat and so that the chocolate mixes even better with any other additional ingredients. Furthermore, it can be used to release seized chocolate and thin out liquified chocolate. 

In general, butter is about 20% water which is enough to fully melt chocolatey mixture and should help pass the seizing point.

Does melted chocolate and butter harden?

Melted chocolate and butter does harden when cooled, however oil or butter will slightly lower the hardening temperature of the chocolate. Melted chocolate and butter harden at cool room temperature of 65 to 70 degrees Fahrenheit in about 3 to 5 minutes. 

Simply melt chocolate chips in the microwave with a little butter for a glossy dip or glaze on top of cookies, bars or strawberries that you’ve got. Afterwards, refrigerate to harden if the room temperature is too warm. 

There is no chemical reaction between the chocolate and the butter other than to help solidify and make a glossy shiny with the additional fat content.

How much butter do I add to melted chocolate?

Butter helps the chocolate chips melt in a smooth and glossy liquid. It also helps make the perfect consistency for dipping and glazing!

Depending on the cocoa percentage, add 1 tablespoon of butter for every 2 to 12 ounces of chocolate chips. Stir in the butter after melting the chocolate chips in the microwave. 

The amount of butter must be at least 25% of the chocolate. This prevents the dry ingredients such as cocoa and sugar in the chocolate from binding together and becoming lumpy.

However, the amount of butter added will be different based on the cacao concentration. 

Chocolate with 55% to 65% cacao should have 1 tablespoon butter for every 2 ounces chocolate. But high percentage chocolate with 70% to 90% cacao can get 1½ tablespoons for every 2 ounces of chocolate chips.

Can you melt butter and chocolate together in the microwave?

Yes, you can melt butter and chocolate together in the microwave. However, you should melt the chocolate and then stir in the butter for best results.

There are two main reasons why it’s not necessary to melt the butter beforehand:

  • Butter melts at a lower temperature than chocolate, so it will tend to melt first. 
  • The butter and chocolate mixture will not scorch, so it won’t seize when everything is fully melted and stirred together. 

There is no need to melt the chocolate and butter separately. Instead, melt the chocolate chips first, and then stir on the butter.

Clarifying butter in the microwave before mixing with melted chocolate chips is actually not productive. As it will reduce the water percentage and this may leave just enough water to seize and crystalize the melted chocolate.

Things to know before melting chocolate chips with butter in the microwave

Whether you are baking or making a dipping sauce, melt the chocolate and mix in a small amount of butter to help make it smooth and shiny. 

Use these essential tips before melting chocolate chips with butter in the microwave:

  • Choose chocolate chips that have high cocoa butter content, they are much easier to melt quickly.
  • Use microwave-safe bowl to melt chocolate and butter together. 
  • Nuke the chocolate chips for 15 second increments until the top becomes shiny. 
  • Stir the chocolate with a rubber spatula. Once the outer edges start to melt you should be able to get all the chips melted by stirring.
  • Make sure to manually rotate the bowl inside the microwave to evenly heat all sides.
  • When adding butter to the melted chocolate chips, use dry tools to avoid contact with water. 

When melting chocolate and butter, you want to start by melting the chocolate first and then add the butter to finish mixing. It reduces the chance of scorching or burning. 

Add the butter when the chocolate begins to melt, and stir to fully melt the mixture. This will keep the butter from separating and allow the chocolate and butter to thoroughly mix together. 

How to melt chocolate chips in microwave with butter.