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How To Melt Chocolate Chips In The Microwave

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Do you know how to melt chocolate chips in the microwave without using fancy equipment? For more information, review the ultimate guide to melt chocolate in the microwave so that you apply the correct method for the different types.

From holiday cookies to cakes and brownies, there are so many things you can make with melted chocolate chips. But, can you melt chocolate chips in the microwave?

In order to melt chocolate chips in the microwave without clumping or burning, use microwave-bowl and heat-proof spatula. Microwave chocolate chips for 15 seconds on high and remove to stir. Repeat with 5 to 10 second increments until most of the chips are melted.

Chocolate chips are ideal for melting in microwave because they are already portioned into small uniform pieces so they will melt evenly. The trick is to keep ⅓ of chips aside, and then stir them in after the rest of the chocolate has melted. 

You will inevitably come across both morsels and chips to decide which one you need to use for melting and baking. They look the same, but what is the difference between morsels and chocolate chips?

Are chocolate morsels the same as chocolate chips?

You may be initially confused when walking down the baking section in the grocery store because both products look nearly identical!

Chocolate chips and morsels are the same product with a different name. To be more specific, Nestle took the name morsels and Hershey and Ghirardelli went with the title of chips. 

The small chunks of sweetened chocolate are a great addition cookies, brownies, and many more. In fact, the chocolate chip cookie was originally invented using semi-sweet chocolate shaved or chipped from a bar of chocolate

What is the best way to melt chocolate chips in the microwave?

In order to successfully melt chocolate chips in the microwave, you need microwave-safe tools, medium power setting, and correct timing to accomplish the task successfully.

From double boiler to stove top, there are many methods to melt chocolate chips. However, the microwave is a mess-free and fast way to get the task done. 

Transfer the chocolate chips to a clear glass bowl that is microwave-safe. Nuke for 15 second intervals on medium power level. Stir the chocolate chips and continue with 5-10 second durations until the chocolate looks shiny on the surface and the stirred chips become totally smooth. 

However, all chocolate chips don’t take the same amount of time. So, how much time does it take to melt chocolate chips in the microwave?

How long does it take to melt chocolate chips in the microwave?

The general rule of thumb to melt chocolate chips in the microwave is heat for 15 seconds, stir and repeat. Nuke for 3 (15-second intervals) and stir in between each increment of time. 

Chocolate chips continue to melt once you take the bowl out from the microwave. If you microwave the chocolate chips until it looks completely melted, you will risk burning them with carryover cooking. 

Use the general guide to start the melting process, but depending on how much you are melting can lengthen or shorten the amount of time. For 1 ounce of chocolate you’ll need at least 30 seconds. 90 seconds for 8 ounces, and 3 minutes for a pound of chocolate chips.

Why won’t my chocolate chips melt?

Even though you follow the recipe, sometimes the chocolate chips just don’t melt. So, what is causing the chocolate chips to seize up?

Chocolate chips tend to have a lower amount of cocoa butter, which makes them more resistant to heat. Baking chocolate generally has a higher cocoa butter content, so they melt easier.

Most chocolate chips for baking melts pretty well. But for example for cookies, the cookie dough can firm up around the chocolate chips so they retain the shape when baked. 

How do you melt chocolate chips in the microwave without burning it?

When melting chocolate chips in the microwave, it is possible to catch fire because chocolate or cocoa butter is highly flammable. Since cocoa powder contains 10 to 20% fat, it is very sensitive to heat. In general, lighter color chocolate burns easier.

When you heat chocolate, the cocoa butter crystals melt and the chocolate becomes fluid. But if the chocolate becomes too hot, the chocolate starts burning around the bottom and top edges.

In order to prevent chocolate chips from burning, take the melted chocolate chips away from the heat just before fully melted when the top layer becomes shinny. Keep stirring until all of the chips completely melt and become totally smooth. 

In addition, it’s extremely important to use a dry bowl and utensils to stir with. Any water on the surface can cause the chocolate to seize up or turn hard and grainy.

At what temperature do chocolate chips melts?

The melting point of chocolate is between 86 degrees Fahrenheit and 90 degrees Fahrenheit. The melting point of chocolate chips is determined by the amount of cocoa butter and what additives are mixed in.

Baking chocolate chips melt best at a temperature between 104 and 115 degrees Fahrenheit. However, the melting process actually starts around 90 degrees Fahrenheit when the cocoa butter in the chips begins to melt.

Chocolate chips comes in four different types: dark, semi sweet, milk, and white chocolate. They all have a different melting temperature. 

The dark and semi-sweet chocolate chips melt at 115 degrees Fahrenheit, while milk or white chocolate chips melt best at 110 degrees Fahrenheit. 

Things to know before melting chocolate chips in the microwave

Melting chocolate chips are one of must-know cooking skills for many baking recipes. Using a microwave to melt chocolate chips is quick and easy way to get the job done. 

Avoid burning or seizing the chocolate by understanding these tips before melting chocolate chips in the microwave:

  • Stir the chocolate chips frequently with a heat resistant rubber spatula.
  • Set the microwave on medium heat power and nuke for 15 second intervals. Chocolate chips are very delicate and can become lumpy or grainy when overheated. 
  • Do not use a wooden spoon to stir chocolate chips. Wooden spoons are porous, so they retains flavors and odors that may affect the taste of the chocolate.
  • If your microwave doesn’t have a rotating function, make sure to manually rotate the bowl after each interval of time. 
  • If the chocolate chips get overheated, immediately pour them into a cool bowl. Add unmelted chocolate chips and stir to prevent the melted chocolate from crystalizing and seizing up. 

Whether you’re making chocolate covered strawberries or chocolate truffles, melting chocolate chips in the microwave is a time-saver. Use microwave-safe bowl, set on 50% power level and nuke for 10 to 15 seconds intervals to perfectly melt the chocolate. 

How to melt chocolate chips in microwave.