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How To Melt Hershey’s Chocolate In The Microwave

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Are you microwaving Hershey’s chocolate to melt so you can drizzle, dip or glaze your favorite desserts? The sweet and creamy chocolate is a great addition to make dessert irresistible, learn how to melt chocolate in the microwave so you can have a variety of options in your cookbook. 

Hershey’s chocolate is made from cacao beans, milk, sugar, and cocoa butter. It comes in bars, chips, kisses and syrup, which contain a sweet and creamy blend of chocolate that is perfect for melting.

Cut equal-size pieces and place them in a clear glass bowl so you can see the melting process. Microwave on medium for 15 second increments. The chocolate will look shiny and start loosing its shape, so stir after each duration and repeat until stirred chocolate becomes smooth.

Hershey’s chocolate continues to melt once you take it out of the microwave due to carryover cooking from the hot bowl. If you see no clumps, take it out of microwave immediately. 

Can I use Hershey kisses as melting chocolate?

Hershey kisses come in milkdark, or white chocolate varieties, which may require different temperatures and melting points to achieve a smooth liquid result.

You may use Hershey chocolate kisses instead of chocolate chips as substitute. The melting point of Hershey kisses is 108 degrees Fahrenheit and the microwaving time will vary depending on how many kisses you are melting.

Hershey kisses do not melt very well because they are coated with wax to help maintain the shape when melted. Nuke in a microwave san bowl on medium heat for 15 seconds, stir after each duration until the chocolate melts smoothly.

Make sure to remove all foil wrap and choose kisses with a cocoa butter content that ranges between 32% to 39% to melt for dipping sauce. It will help to melt faster.

Can I use Hershey bars as melting chocolate?

According to the Hershey company, Hershey’s chocolate bars melt at 75 degrees Fahrenheit, which is much lower than other baking chocolate. Hershey chocolate bars can be a great substitute for a quick recipe to enhance the flavor with melted sweetness.

Chocolate bars are the preferred shape to melt in the microwave. Hershey’s bars have a low melting point and melt faster, however they burn easily and seize up when not being cautious. 

Make sure to break the bars into small uniform pieces to evenly melt into a thick glossy liquid chocolate. 

How do you melt Hershey’s chocolate for dipping?

The melting point of chocolate is determined by the amount of cocoa butter content. Hershey’s chocolate has a high cocoa butter content and is easy to melt down for any dipping recipes.

But the risk of burning and ruining your chocolate is unavoidable if you know the current melting point of the stable chocolate. Cooking on low heat is the key even it takes a bit of extra time for the chocolate to fully melt. 

Break the bars into smaller chunks, this will help to heat faster and speed up the melting process. Place the chunks of Hershey’s chocolate into a heat-proof bowl and set on medium heat power for 15 seconds and give a stir to reach the melting point for dipping.

Things to know before melting Hershey’s chocolate in the microwave

Whether you use Hershey’s kisses or chocolate bar, there are going to be different melting process for dark, milk and white chocolate.

Avoid burning or crystallizing by reviewing these essential tips before melting Hershey’s chocolate in the microwave:

  • Remove any lid while microwaving chocolate. A lid may collect steam and cause condensation to drip into the chocolate that can cause it seize and hard to recover.
  • Make sure all equipment is completely dry. It the chocolate become stiff, stir in a teaspoon of shortening, not butter, for every ounce of Hershey’s chocolate.
  • Use glass bowl that is microwave safe instead of plastic bowl. You can see the chocolate while it melts in the microwave.
  • Chop up the chocolate into smaller pieces to promote quicker melting without overheating.
  • Set the microwave on medium heat power to avoid scorching.
  • Use short durations when microwaving Hershey’s chocolate.
  • Always stir the chocolate after each interval throughout the melting process.

Even though it is super easy to melt Hershey’s chocolate with low melting point, use the right tools and method to avoid a crystallized and grainy result. 

To melt Hershey’s chocolate in the microwave, chop into small pieces, place in a microwave safe bowl, set the power to 50% and nuke for 15 second lengths of time. Stir and continue microwaving for 10 seconds at a time until the chocolate fully melts while stirring. 

From ice cream topping to cookie dipping, melted Hershey’s chocolate adds a magical touch to delicious dessert treats. The creamy and sweet chocolate is easy to melt in the microwave and quickly enjoy on any dessert. 

How to melt Hershey's chocolate in microwave.