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How To Microwave Spinach

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Microwave oven provides you with the benefit of convenience. Microwave spinach and other vegetables can save your time and provide you with the nutritious side dishes to add you your meal prep.

No need to light up the stovetop to cook spinach quickly. Zap the bunch of spinach in a microwave oven for a healthy addition to any meal. 

How do you microwave spinach? To microwave spinach, put the spinach in a microwave safe dish with a loose lid on top. Nuke 4 to 8 ounces of spinach on high for 2 minutes, give a quick stir and the carryover heat will cook any pieces that need an extra boost. 

Many people think that heating spinach is necessary to kill bacteria and bad pathogens like E.coli, but understanding how to microwave spinach the right way will make those leafy greens taste that much better.

This article details everything you need to know about microwaving spinach. Covered below are microwaving tips and answers to frequently asked questions that you may have, so continue reading!

Is it safe to microwave spinach?

Yes, you can microwave spinach safely. To reduce nutrient loss, be aware of the exact timing and temperature to microwave spinach. 

Apart from this, use less water in microwave cooking so the nutrients are not drained away from the spinach, and it is safe and healthy to eat. 

Spinach contains a high quantity of nitrates. Cooking spinach in the microwave oven is a very simple and fast method of cooking that retains the nutrients of the food item as well.

When sautéing spinach on the stovetop, the heat is too high and there is a chance for poisonous carcinogenic discharge and effects. But in the microwave oven, you can safely cook spinach with less heat and minimum cooking time.

Does microwaving spinach kill bacteria?

Yes, heating spinach or microwaving it can kill bacteria and bad pathogens as well. When spinach is microwave to an internal temperature of 165 degrees Fahrenheit, the heat will kill 99% of the bacteria present.

Microwaving spinach can kill bacteria and nasty pathogens. Nuke 4 ounces of spinach for 2 minutes on a microwave safe plate with a lid that helps to trap the steam and cook the greens quickly.

Microwave Spinach in a Bag

In general, it is not recommended to microwave spinach in a bag. Even microwavable Ziploc bags are labeled with manufacturer guidelines that recommend temperatures associated with defrosting and reheating, not cooking and steaming.

You can microwave the spinach in a bag, but even microwave-safe plastic bags are not meant to handle the high heat generated inside. It is not recommended to use any kinds of plastic bags at all. 

If you have experience with cooking spinach in a bag without any ill effects, then proceed with caution. First and foremost, use a microwave-proof bag, not just any plastic bag meant for carrying.

Understand that you do not need to cook the spinach in the microwave-safe bag for a long time. 

Temperature and timing is critical as to not overcook the leafy greens, so set the time for 2 minutes on high and be prepared to serve the microwaved spinach right away. The spinach leaf should be limp, but not overcooked.

Instead of using a plastic bag, it is better to put spinach in a microwave-safe dish made of glass or ceramic. Use a microwave cover and set the timer for 2 minutes at high temperature. 

Spinach Microwave Danger

Microwaving spinach has a particularly dangerous aspect to be aware of. The release of intense steam when the lid of microwaved spinach is removed can easily scorch your arms, hands or face. 

Spinach is 93% water, which turns into steam when heated to high enough temperature. Therefore, it is important to remove the lid carefully and allow the steam to dissipate slowly.

Tips to microwave spinach

There are some useful tips that you need to follow while you want to cook spinach in the microwave oven or microwaving spinach for reheating purposes. These are such as follows:

  • Spinach cooks quickly in the microwave, about 2 minutes is plenty of cooking time for 4 to 8 ouches of the leafy green.
  • Use a microwave safe container to hold the spinach while cooking.
  • When spinach is microwaved for too long, it will degrade the nutrients and vitamins originally present in the leafy green.
  • If too much water is used while microwaving spinach, vitamins and essential minerals may be lost in the liquid when it is drained away.
  • The spinach will release plenty of liquid while being cooked, if it is covered then there is no need to add water to the dish. 
  • Spinach should be nuked with a microwave cover or lid over the top. 
  • Some people use plastic wrap to cover a dish before microwaving. However, this is not recommended as the steam collects on the plastic and rains down, potential exposing the food to leached chemical contamination. 
  • A damp paper towel can be used of the top of the spinach to trap steam and make the cooking process for efficient.
  • Cautiously remove the lid to allow the steam to escape without burning you.
How to microwave spinach

Best way to microwave spinach

Nuke 4 ounces of spinach in a microwave safe container with a loose lid over the top. Microwave for 2 minutes or until the spinach is mostly wilted, then give it a quick stir to use the carryover heat to cook the remaining leafs.

It is better to use a microwave-safe bowl or casserole dish to microwave spinach as it is not recommended to use plastic wrap in a microwave oven. 

Furthermore, cover the dish with a lid or use a damp paper towel to trap the moisture and build up steam. Leafy green vegetables do not require excessive heat or long cooking time as you will burn the leafy green vegetables or cause them to overcook. 

No need to add lots of water for microwave cooking spinach, it is 93% water and will release lots of liquid as it cooks. In this way, you can save the nutrients within the spinach by not draining the nutrients away in the added water.

Microwaving Spinach: Final Thoughts

Cooking spinach in the microwave is a safe and effective way to prepare the leafy greens. But for the best microwave cooking, you need to follow some essential tips. 

Use a microwave-safe dish at all-times when cooking in the microwave oven. Microwaving spinach generates a lot of steam, and the heat transfer rate of steam is 7x hotter than direct heat, therefore it is recommended to use glass or ceramic rather than plastic like Tupperware or Ziploc containers.

Spinach is a leafy green vegetable that require a short cooking duration. Overall, microwave cooking can save you a lot of time and can be done in just a few minutes. 

No need to light up the stove and heat a pan. Microwave cooking spinach is easy, simple and healthy, as long as you follow a few general guidelines.

What do you need to do? You need to warm it up and need to cook it or make it crispy? You just need to microwave it for 4 minutes or less than that. On the other hand, boiling spinach can eliminate nutrients from spinach. So, you need to know the timings and temperature. After that, you need to set the perfect timing and temperature and microwave spinach within no time.