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Best Microwave Sausage Cooker in 2024

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A microwave sausage cooker helps to cook tasty and nutritious sausages in a matter of minutes. Easy to clean and grease-free are the main features that we are going to cover so that we can help find the right microwave sausage cooker for you.

When looking for best microwave sausage cooker, look for one that has a lid that vents properly and is capable of handling hot grease during cooking without melting or warping the shape. Additionally, take measurements to ensure the cooker fits in your household microwave. 

If you have been cooking sausages on the stovetop, grill or oven, then microwave sausages and hotdogs may sound a bit foreign to you. However, microwaving keeps the inside juicy and plump, while the outside casing stays firm and intact.

From brand name to price range, there are an overwhelming amount of choices to browse through. In this article, we are going to share our top favorites for cooking sausage in the microwave. 

Best Pick

Best Pick: Microwave Sausage Cooker

Budget Pick

Budget Pick: Microwave Sausage Cooker

Quick Comparison: Top 5 Best Microwave Sausage Cookers

In the list below, we have compiled some of the best microwave sausage cookers available on the market. Hopefully, our list and guide will help to choose the right microwave sausage and hotdog cooker for your own kitchen.

Product NameGrade
Rapid Hot Dog Cooker A
Dependable Hotdog Microwave Cooker B
Nordic Ware Hot Dog Steamer A
Hot Doglicious Microwave Hot Dog CookerB+
Home-X Microwave Hot Dog CookerA-

Best Microwave Sausage Cooker

Description: Best microwave sausage cookers to cook and reheat sausage in the microwave. These 5 cookers keep sausage moist and drain away excess fat. 

Each recommended product is safe for microwave use and dishwasher friendly to make cleanup a breeze.

Things to Know Before Buying the Best Microwave Sausage Cooker

When choosing a microwave sausage cooker, the channel or tray results in steamed, boiled or grilled style sausage. Most the the microwave sausage cooker works best to reheat cooked sausage instead of raw uncooked ones.

Microwave sausage cookers generally results in juicy and moist sausage with a much shorter cook time compared to stovetop or oven methods. However, these cookers have limitation on storage, so they do not fulfill large amounts being cooked at one time.

Keep in mind to look for cookers that have a lid to retain heat and keep moist while cooking. Easy to clean and do not require cleanup inside the microwave after cooking.

Easy to use

If you are looking for an easy way to pierce hot dogs to remove from microwave, some of the cookers contain holes for easy access. Also, look for handles that stay cool to hold while removing the cooker from microwave.

Read through the instructions and manual so it is simple and easy to work with. In general, some may require water to submerge the sausage while others may not cook evenly, always refer to manual for best results. 

BPA-Free Material

We’ve listed budget friendly and best pick microwave sausage cookers that are made out of BPA-free plastic. They are not harmful for your health when heated in the microwave.

In recent studies, BPA may have shown signs that have a close relationship with cancer, hormone changes, brain damage, and heart issue. That is why we highly recommend to make sure the microwave sausage cooker is BPA-free.


Whether the lid that comes with microwave sausage cooker is transparent or not, lid is a must-have feature that you need to look for. It helps to contain the cooking process but also easy to transfer the cooked sausage onto the serving dish.

In addition, be sure that lid has ventilation and airflow to cook the sausages evenly. It is not required, but does help to keep the inside of the microwave clean. 


Different sausage makers come with varying length and diameter to fit the sausage. So, understand which size is needed for your specific needs.

Some models only fit 1 channel for smaller size hot dogs and some may have 4 to 5 slots for bun-length sausages that can be easily fit.

Microwave Sausage Cookers: Conclusion

Cooking sausages, hot dogs, or brats in the microwave requires more than using microwaveable container and pressing the start button. For more success, employ a microwave sausage cooker to get top quality consistent results every time.

Depending on the condition and type of sausage, microwave wattage and preference of your sausage may require different cooking time and how much water you need to add. 

However, using a microwave sausage cooker will help you prevent a mess with easy to clean features built in. And most importantly, the results are quickly prepared sausage or hotdog meal prep that is ready in just a few minutes!

Best microwave sausage cookers