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How to Microwave Sausage

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Whether you are eating for breakfast, lunch or dinner, sausages are filled with protein and significant amount of nutrients. From hot dogs to ground sausage, they make a great meal to serve at anytime.

It can be intimidating to cook sausage without creating a mess using any other method than oven or stovetop. However, microwaving sausages is so easy and convenient to cook them in a matter of minutes.

How do you microwave sausage? Place sausage on a microwave-safe dish and cover with lid, damp paper towel or microwaveable plastic wrap with vented holes to release the steam while cooking.

Microwave on high for 2 to 5 minutes depending on the number of sausages, size of each and wattage of appliance. Stop the microwave and flip the sausage on the other side after every minute to evenly distribute the heat.

Check the internal temperature of the sausages before serving. Ensure the inside is no longer pink and the internal temperature reaches 74 degree Celsius or 165 degrees Fahrenheit for it to be safe to consume. 

Be aware that sausages stored in the freezer must be allowed to defrost in the microwave before cooking or reheating. Proper thawing prevents exploding or uneven heat when served. 

In this article, we are going to share safe ways to cook sausages in the microwave. Answered below are frequently asked question regarding microwave tips and cooking times to microwave sausages without altering the taste or texture.

Can you cook sausage in a microwave?

Yes, you can cook sausage in a microwave. It is a safe and effective way to cook sausages to a proper internal temperature of 74 or 165 to be safe to eat.

However, you won’t get a dark caramelized crust or skin that you can get through oven roasting or pan frying. 

When dealing with raw sausages, ensure to follow the safe handling procedures and temperature danger zone guide before and after serving.

Why do sausages explode in microwave?

When using microwave, sausages with casing tend to explode because pressure builds up inside. However, sausage patties or breakfast sausages that does not have casing won’t explode.  

The way microwave works is that the energy generates friction that heat up water molecules inside the meat. The water content turns into steam that requires more space, and the casing does not have enough space inside.

As a result, the increase the pressure cannot be hold by the casing and it simply bursts or explodes.

To prevent the sausages explode while cooking or reheating in the microwave, pierce the casing with a few holes around the outside to allow the steam pressure to escape. 

Additionally, frequent turning to the other side encourages even heating to avoid bursting on one side. Furthermore, cook the sausages with medium and steady heat.

How long to microwave sausage?

In general, sausages take about 1½ to 3 minutes to microwave on high power in a 1000 wattage appliance. However, the microwave time may vary based on type of sausage that you are using, number of pieces and microwave wattage.

Here are types of sausages and microwave time based on one serving on 1000 wattage microwave:

  • Andouille: 3 to 4 minutes
  • Bratwurst: 3 to 4 minutes
  • Chorizo: 2 to 3 minutes 
  • Italian sausage: 3 to 4 minutes
  • Breakfast sausage: 2 minute 
  • Kielbasa: 5 minutes 

Allow the cooked sausage to stand in the warm microwave for a minute or two before removing. The juices will settle, heat will evenly distribute and the filling will be more tender.

Tips to microwave sausage

When you are short on time, preparing fully cooked sausage is possible in the microwave. Make sure the sausages are fully thawed beforehand to avoid any simplistic mishaps.

Even though the microwave is convenient and super easy to achieve a fully cooked result, there are downsides if not careful following the proper instructions. 

Here are microwave tips for cooking sausages the right way:

  • Use microwave sausage cooker to prevent from oil splattering while cooking. 
  • If lid is not available, place a damp paper towel over the sausages and a dry one under to absorb any fat while cooking. 
  • To speed up the heating process, prick each sausage with a fork or sharp knife on all sides to allow the steam to release out rather than expand and explode. 
  • Turn the sausages to be able to cook on all sides at each 1 minute interval.
  • Minimize the number of sausages and do not overcrowd them in the microwave. Give enough space in-between each piece for best results. 
  • Cover with a microwave safe lid or microwave safe plastic wrap with holes for steam to escape easily. 

Best way to microwave sausage

The best way to microwave sausage is to use the right power set up and break into short intervals to rotate sides to prevent exploding in the microwave.

Whether it is breakfast sausage or spiced up chorizo without casing, always use a microwave heat approved dish and cover with vented lid, damp paper towel or plastic wrap with holes for steam to release. 

Depending on the type of sausage, set the microwave and cook on high or medium power for 2 to 5 minutes. Check the sausage after 1 minute intervals to turn on another side for even heating and verify doneness.

Lightly covering with paper towel under and over the sausages also helps to absorb fat and prevent from splattering. 

Use a meat thermometer to check the internal temperature that reaches 165 degrees Fahrenheit or 74 degrees Celsius for them to be safe to consume.

Sausage in microwave

Microwaving Sausage: Conclusion

Microwave makes cooking sausage easy. The appliance reduces cooking time, less fat and no splatter, and therefore less mess to clean up. 

However, sausages with casing tend to explode most of the time in a microwave. The reason is that the appliance excites the water molecules inside of the sausage and boils water into steam.

With a casing, there are no way for the steam to escape. As a result, the casing will break and sausage will explode.

Defrost or thaw sausages before microwaving for best result. Transfer the sausages from original package to microwave sausage cooker or dish and cover with lid.

Microwave on high power or adjust the power if needed. If the microwave is 1000 watts, nuke for 2 to 5 minutes or until the sausage reaches a safe internal temperature of 74 degrees Celsius or 165 degrees Fahrenheit for it to be safe to serve.