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Can You Microwave Dunkin Donuts Paper Cups?

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Unless the temperature is extremely hot outside, cold coffee doesn’t taste quite as good as hot coffee when served with mouthwatering donuts. From americano to macchiato, there are ways to reheat coffee in the microwave, but are Dunkin Donuts paper cups microwave safe?

Dunkin Donuts paper cups are made with double-walled paperboard, which is not the most ideal material to use in the microwave. Furthermore, the paper is bonded together with an adhesive glue that can melt or leach into the beverage when overheated.

Dunkin Donuts paper cups are designed to hold fresh made hot coffee and eliminate the need for an extra sleeve around the outside. The cup is perfect to keep beverages warm for longer periods of time, but is it safe to microwave the original coffee cup, we’ll find out.

Is it safe to microwave Dunkin Donuts cups?

Reheating cold coffee doesn’t have to be rocket science. How do you refresh a cupful if you only have access to a microwave?

Instead of brewing a fresh batch of coffee or stopping by the store again, simply reheat the Dunkin Donuts coffee in the microwave.

Microwave ovens work by agitating water molecules with friction to create heat. Although paper cups can be designed to hold hot beverages, they are not made for cooking or reheating.

Dunkin Donuts paper cups are are sealed on the sides with glue that can melt, cause a leak or distort the shape of the cup when microwaved at high heat levels. As a result, the adhesive can leach into your drink which is not safe to drink. 

Generally speaking, microwave ovens create pockets of uneven heat and can also burn the paper when proper reheating methods are not followed. As a result, it is recommended to transfer the hot beverage to a glass or ceramic mug to reheat in the microwave. 

Can you microwave paper coffee cups?

Paper coffee cups are great for single-use, and nowadays they are most often compost-friendly. Does that mean you can microwave paper coffee cups even for short time?

Because paper cups are so thin and fragile, they are great to hold fresh brewed coffee for to-go but not necessarily safe to use in the microwave. The cup has a hard time to remain intact when exposed to a short amount of sudden heat. 

When microwaving coffee cups, consider what type of material, how it is made and what kind of lining is inside. If the paper cup is not labeled with microwave instructions, there is a quick way to find out!

Fill the paper cup with a small amount of water and reheat for 15-30 seconds. If the water gets warm and the cup remain cool, then it is a microwave-safe cup. However, if it is reverse is true and the cup is hotter than the water than you may need to avoid using the cup. 

Can you microwave double-walled paper cup?

As you may of heard, some states have fully transitioned away from using polystyrene foam cups. As a result, double-walled paper cup have become the replacement because they are made with paperboard certified by the Sustainable Forestry Initiative Standard.

These new designed cup have better heat retention properties compared to foam cups. Coffee will stay hot for longer, while the outside of the cup remains cool to the touch. 

Double-walled paper cups are not recommended to use in the microwave. The intense heat generated inside a microwave can melt the adhesive glues use to bond the side walls, leach harmful chemicals into the beverage, distort the shape of the cup and cause a leak from the sides.

Dunkin Donuts are continuously improving cup designs to be eco-friendly and also avoid any leak issues. However, because the double walled cups are better for the environment doesn’t necessarily mean that they are microwave safe.

Things to know before microwaving Dunkin Donuts paper cups

If you have been tossing away cold coffee because its no longer hot, then follow these simple instructions to reheat Dunkin Donuts in the microwave!

Here are the essential things to know before microwaving Dunkin Donuts paper cups:

  • When in doubt, transfer the beverage to a microwave-safe cups before reheating the hot beverage. 
  • Remove the lid to reheat in microwave. The lid is made with plastic that is not suitable for microwave use. 
  • Use a medium power setting when heating up Dunkin Donuts paper cups in the microwave. 
  • Start with 30 seconds increments.
  • Stir between each interval to distribute heat evenly.
  • Check to find your desired temperature.
  • If you have coffee that has dairy inside, stir well every 30 seconds and fully reheat to an internal temperature of 165° or 74°C.

From microwave to stovetop, there are many ways to heat up leftover coffee. If you are super busy, then the microwave method is definitely the quickest and most efficient way.


If you have been microwaving Dunkin Donuts paper cups without difficulty, then proceed with caution. However, the double walled paper cups are not recommended for use in the microwave.

The new double-walled Dunkin Donuts paper cups are not microwave safe. The quality of the beverage and cup materials are not guaranteed to sustain the intense heat used inside a microwave oven.

So, if you must revive your leftover coffee, stick to microwave safe materials like ceramic, glass and pyrex. Pour the drink into a microwave-safe mug for a quick refresh and follow the manufacturer’s recommendations for safe usage. 

Is it safe to microwave Dunkin Donuts paper cups

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