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How To Reheat Dunkin Donuts In Microwave – Ultimate Guide

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There are times when the complete order of donuts and fresh coffee don’t make it into your belly in just one sitting. What is the best way to reheat Dunkin Donuts in microwave when you have leftovers that are calling your name?

From old-fashioned style donuts to a fresh brewed americano, Dunkin Donuts scores A+ when it comes to quick breakfast or tasty snack. But dealing with cold coffee and stale donuts are not  nearly as pleasant.

When reheating Dunkin Donuts in the microwave, you need to avoid microwaving donuts in styrofoam boxes or coffee served in styrofoam coffee cups. Instead use a microwave-safe plate or mug, and adjust the power setting and time to reach the desired temperature. 

It’s difficult to revive the texture and taste of fresh Dunkin Donut’s food and drinks once it has lost its temperature. Soft and warm donuts with hot latte sounds too good to be true. 

So, what is the best way to heat up Dunkin Donuts next time you have a craving for the sweet treat?

Is it safe to microwave Dunkin Donuts?

Microwave is known for being a quick and convenient way to reheat any food and beverages in hurry. However, not every food is treated the same.

Because each donut is glazed and topped differently, and coffee is blended with different bases and creamers, food safety begins with handling and storage. You need to make sure to store Dunkin Donuts properly so that it is safe to reheat and eat again. 

Make sure to avoid leaving any dairy-filled donuts or blended coffee drinks out on the counter. The USDA temperature danger zone guidelines recommend that the dairy products be refrigerated within 2 hours.

Be sure to store them in the fridge so that the dairy products don’t have a chance to spoil. The USDA safe handling procedures says that dairy is considered perishable food items that should be covered and refrigerated or frozen following the 2-hour rule.  

However, microwaving Dunkin Donuts are safe when proper food handling procedures are followed. Instead of using the original package, transfer to the items to microwave safe dish ware and reheat until the internal temperature reaches 165°F or 74°C.

Before you proceed, always double check the bottom of the box or cup to see if the container is labeled as microwave-safe label.

Can you microwave Dunkin Donuts?

Before determining how to microwave Dunkin Donuts, you may need to consider what the original packaging is made out of. This will help you determine how long to reheat and what power setting to use. 

Manufacturers commonly recommend to avoid the use of plastic and metal package materials in the microwave. Since food and drinks are packaged completely differently, you will need to tailor techniques based on the specific items.

Here are the ultimate reheating instructions you need to microwave Dunkin Donuts the right way:

  • Donuts: Donuts require proper storage if you are going to keep them as leftovers and reheat to serve later. Depending on whether you store the donuts in the fridge or freezer will determine how to microwave donuts from Dunkin Donuts. If they are in fridge, you can simply pop them in the microwave for 5 seconds, and 8 seconds for cream-filled donuts. However, if you freeze them to last longer, it may take a bit longer with the extra step to defrost. Start with 10 second increments to find the desired temperature.
  • Coffee Drinks: Depending on how your favorite coffee drinks are served will determine which microwave method to apply. When reheating coffee in the microwave, make sure to use 30 second intervals and stir it well to distribute the heat evenly to deter the risk of an explosion caused by superheated water.
  • Paper Cup: If you are going to microwave Dunkin Donuts paper cups, then remove the plastic lid, use a medium power setting, start with 30 seconds increments and stir between each interval until the beverage has reached your desired temperature.

Most Dunkin Donut packaging are compostable and have a clear indication whether it is microwaveable or not. However, if you are uncertain, transfer the donuts and hot drinks to a microwave-safe plate and cup to reheat. 

How long do you need microwave Dunkin Donuts?

When you reheat food in the microwave, be aware of uneven temperatures and avoid using containers that are not microwave safe. When properly reheating Dunkin Donuts in the microwave, 8 seconds for donuts and 35 seconds for coffee drinks should be long enough.

In order to successfully heat Dunkin Donuts food and drinks again in the microwave, follow these points:

  • Do not over stack donuts on top of each other. It may create moisture that will make the donuts soggy from the steam.
  • Reheat using 8 seconds for donuts, and 35 seconds for coffee drinks. 
  • Start with a medium power level to reheat Dunkin Donuts meals in the microwave.
  • If your donut is stale, wrap a damp towel loosely around the surface, and microwave for 5 seconds until it became soft again. The paper towel will stick to frostings and glazes, so use caution and carefully remove the towel while leaving the toppings intact.
  • If you are reheating more than 2 donuts in the microwave, add 10 seconds in addition to reheat all the donuts in one cycle. 

Especially when reheating donut, the microwave works super fast. The fried sweet dough can experience a sudden increase in heat and change texture quickly. Use caution and stick with short time frames inside the kitchen appliance.

Things to know before microwaving Dunkin Donuts

If your microwave doesn’t come with a rotating feature, it is hard to have evenly heated food unless you constantly stir, flip or rotate while reheating.

Here are essential things to know before you start microwaving Dunkin Donuts food and beverages:

  • Use microwave-safe plate with parchment paper or paper towel to reheat donuts.
  • Avoid closing the cup with lid when reheating coffee drinks.
  • Stir a beverage every 10 seconds to break up the superheated bubbles while heating up in the microwave. 
  • Substitute original coffee cups with glass cup, pyrex or ceramic mug.
  • Defrost frozen donuts in the fridge overnight or use defrost setting in the microwave prior to increasing the power level for reheating. 

It’s possible to reheat donuts and coffee to continue enjoying the fresh batch taste. Reheat Dunkin Donuts in the microwave starting with 8 seconds for donuts, and about 35 seconds for hot coffee drinks. Stir the coffee every 10 seconds until reaching your desired temperature. 

Best way to reheat Dunkin Donuts in the microwave