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How To Microwave Dunkin Donuts

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Whether you have old fashioned style or cream-filled doughnuts, yesterday’s leftovers can become today’s pleasure! So, how do you reheat Dunkin Donuts in the microwave to bring back that fresh made taste to leftover donuts?

I realize that it’s tempting to eat every single donut in the box, but you sometimes you need to take a break and call it quits. The best way to microwave donuts from Dunkin Donuts really depends on how they are stored, and what type of glaze coats the outside. 

To revive old donuts and make them taste like fresh made, place the donuts on a microwave safe plate. If the donuts were stored in the fridge or at room temperature, then start with less than 10 seconds on a low microwave power level.

For the donut to be successfully refreshed, proper storage is the key to success. So, what bag or container helps keep them from becoming stale and turning bad. 

How to store Dunkin Donuts overnight?

If you have old fashioned or original glazed donuts, and the room temperature is not above 64 Fahrenheit, you may store the leftover donut box at room temperature.

However, if you have dairy filled donuts on a warm weather day, then I recommend to store Dunkin Donuts in the fridge or freezer. 

If you store in fridge or freezer, make sure to cover the donuts in an airtight container or plastic wrap. No matter where you store old donuts, its best to remove exposure to air so that the fried dough does not become stale and dried out. 

How long do Dunkin Donuts last?

When the donuts from Dunkin Donuts are freshly made, it’s taste the best when consumed within 24 hours. Based on the type of donuts and storage method, you can definitely expect to see different results. 

When Dunkin Donuts are stored in the fridge, the original donuts can last up 5 to 7 days, while filling donuts only last about 3 to 5 days.

However, you may want to consider to freeze them to get maximum storage time. When stored in an airtight container inside the freezer, Dunkin Donuts can last between 3 to 6 months. Place them into a Ziploc bag to avoid any freezer burn. 

Whether you freeze or store them inside the fridge, write down the date they were purchased fresh. As a result, you have a clear idea when to eat them by so that you avoid consuming spoiled donuts. 

How do you reheats donuts in the microwave?

Reheating donuts in the microwave is specifically based on how they have been stored. In fact, how you store is the first key to keeping the donuts fresh!

How do you reheat room temperature Dunkin Donuts?

  • Use microwave-safe plate 
  • Place the donut on a paper towel or parchment paper to absorb any moisture created while reheating.
  • Set the microwave power to low.
  • For room temperature donuts, nuke for about 8 seconds.

How long do you reheat donuts from Dunkin Donuts?

  • For 1 donut, 8 seconds is ideal.
  • For 2 donuts, 12 seconds.
  • For more than 4 donuts, try 20 seconds. You may need to increase slightly to reach the desired temperature.

How do you reheat frozen Dunkin Donuts? 

  • For frozen donuts, it’s best to defrost in microwave or outside to bring it to room temperature before reheating them.
  • To defrost frozen donuts in a microwave, use 10 second intervals on the lowest power setting to find the desired warmth. 

Things to know before microwaving Dunkin Donuts

It’s not impossible to successfully refresh old donuts from Dunkin Donuts in the microwave. To do so, you may need to properly store them and heat to order.

When keeping leftover donuts, the best storage options include the fridge or freezer, depending on how long you want the donuts to last.

Here is ways and things you should know before microwaving Dunkin Donuts:

  • Avoid stacking donuts on top of each other when reheating them in the microwave. This may cause the toppings to melt and also create moisture in-between the donuts that will quickly become soggy.
  • If you have stale donuts, wrap them loosely in a slightly damp towel. Microwave for 5 seconds at a time until they are soft and refreshed. 
  • Never use a paper plate or plastic lined bowl to reheat donuts on a microwave. Only use a microwave safe plate or place the donuts on top of a paper towel or parchment paper.
  • Be aware, the more donuts you microwave, the more time you need.
  • Use microwave-safe plate to reheat any frozen donuts on the lowest power level. 

Dunkin Donuts reheat quickly in the microwave. Start with 5 seconds at a time and see if the fried dough becomes warm and soft again. 

Avoid overheating them because the old donuts may toughen or completely dry out. Add more time in 5-second intervals to microwave Dunkin Donuts and make the taste fresh all over again. 

Best way to microwave Dunkin Donuts