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How to Toast Sesame seeds in a Microwave?

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From salads to baked goods, stir-fry and desserts, adding toasted sesame seeds garnishes a meal to make it more enjoyable. Toasting sesame seeds in a microwave is the quickest way to maintain these nutrients and enhance to flavor at the same time.

Sesame seeds are a rich source of protein, healthy fats, fiber, vitamin B, antioxidants, minerals, and other nutrients. Microwave toasting sesame seeds is quick and easy.

How do you toast sesame seeds in a microwave? Spread out the sesame seeds on a microwave-safe plate. Set the appliance to high power setting and nuke for 15 second intervals until the sesame seeds turn light brown. 

Toasted sesame seeds can be stored in an airtight container for up to 6 months in the pantry.

Enhance the nutty flavor and crunchy texture by toasting nuts in a microwave. Some store bought sesame seeds are already toasted, but the flavor is much better when you toast the seeds yourself. 

It is easy to do at home and in this article, we will talk about how to bring out the wonderful nutty flavor by microwave toasting sesame seeds quickly. Answered below are frequently asked questions about toasting sesame seeds in a microwave so you can add to noodles, veggies, and sprinkle over sushi.

Is it OK to microwave sesame seeds?

Yes, it is safe to microwave sesame seeds compared to using stovetop or oven methods to avoid a burnt mess. When using microwave, it is easy to catch when they are golden brown and aromatic, this is when the sesame seeds are done.

While some people prefer washing or soaking sesame seeds before toasting, others toast them from dry. This eliminates phytic acid which is an anti-nutrient, and the body has refrained from absorbing certain nutrients. 

Microwaving sesame seeds after washing or soaking require a little more time to toast. But, toasted sesame seeds have enhanced nutty and crunchy taste with more accessible nutrients for your body to absorb.

Why do you toast sesame seeds?

Toasting sesame seeds increases the crunchy texture and nutty flavor. Though raw sesame seeds provide a mild seed taste and a little bitterness, toasting eliminates this bitterness from the seeds and gives a sweet and unique taste.

Toasted sesame seeds are used to top salads, garnish bread and sprinkled atop many other dishes. For a crunchy and nutty taste, toasting is often preferred by many to give a crispy, earthy and complex flavor.

Not only the taste, but the toasted seeds maintain a good source of healthy fats, protein, Vitamin B, minerals, fibers and antioxidants. 

Whether you are using black or white sesame seeds, they are the same in nutrients with just a slight difference in flavor. Black sesame seeds have a stronger flavor and are more crunchy than white sesame seeds due to removed hull on the outside. 

Should sesame seeds be toasted before baking?

Depending on what you are baking, you may use toasted or raw sesame seeds for a recipe. Sesame seeds have zero cholesterol and high-fat content, however they have very little tolerance to heat. 

Toasted sesame seeds are the perfect garnish for rolls, bread, and salads. But, some prefer raw sesame seeds over toasted sesame seeds because the flavors are less mild.

Placing toasted seeds on top of a bread dough before baking can result in some burning. Therefore, raw sesame seeds are used if the dish is yet to be cooked.

In general, pre-toasting sesame seeds can result in avoiding bitterness as well, so you may skip toasting the sesame seeds before baking. 

However, top them on baked dishes for additional crunch or sprinkle just before baking is over. But, do check they are not burnt.

Follow the recipe you are working on, to give more crunchiness to your baked goods in order to prepare sesame seeds to toast or not. 

Tips to toast sesame seeds in the microwave

Using microwave method, toasting sesame seeds is quite simple and easy to do. No need to add any oil or wait for the appliance to heat up before starting the process. 

However, without care, sesame seeds are easily burnt. 

Here are some microwave tips you need to toast sesame seeds properly. 

  • Use a microwave-safe plate to place the sesame seeds in a single layer. Avoid overcrowding them for even toasting. 
  • Microwave in high power for 15 second intervals. 
  • Stir them in-between each duration to prevent the burning of sesame seeds. This will also toast them evenly.
  • When sesame seeds are golden brown, they are nicely toasted. Any more time can result in their burning.
  • Take out the toasted sesame seeds right away when they are light brown. As they cool, they become darker brown.
  • Remove the plate and let it cool before using the seeds to garnish dishes or baked goods.

For ideal condition, toast sesame seeds under control without leaving for too long. Lower wattage appliances may take longer cooking time and higher wattage microwave can take less than 30 seconds to completely toast them.

Best way to toast sesame seeds in the microwave

To toast sesame seeds in the microwave, there is no need for any special tools and gadgets. Ensure to layer them on a microwave-safe plate and run the microwave for less than minute on high. 

Stop and stir them frequently to check for signs of doneness and avoid burning for even toasting.

Here is the best way to toast sesame seeds in a microwave:

  • Take a microwave-safe plate and place sufficient sesame seeds in one layer. About ½ cup of sesame seeds should be sufficient.
  • Do not overcrowd the plate or all of them will not get toasted evenly.
  • Nuke for15 seconds at a time on high power.
  • Stir after each duration to promote even doneness.
  • When the sesame seeds are light brown, they are done being toasted.
  • Remove the plate and let them cool down.
  • It is important to note that some people prefer a few drops of neutral flavored oil coating them, while others don’t. It’s an individual’s preference.
  • Cool them before placing in an airtight container. They are at peak freshness for about 3 weeks, but safe to store for up to 6 months.
Best way to toast sesame seeds in microwave

Microwave Toasting Sesame Seeds: Conclusion

Whether you are preparing salad dressing or roasted salmon for a meal, adding toasted sesame seeds is like adding cherry on top of ice cream. Not only does it look mouthwatering, but also adds up nutty flavor and crunchy texture to your dish.

The best way to toast sesame seeds in microwave. This method require 15 second intervals to toast and are ready to serve right away, absolutely saves a ton of meal prepping or baking time.

Simplyplace sesame seeds on a plate in a single layer and run them on high for 15 seconds at a time. Stir them in between for even toasting

When they are golden brown, the sesame seeds are toasted and ready to garnish.

Most of store bought commercial sesame seeds are already toasted in the factory and you may sprinkle on a meal without toasting. Even raw sesame seeds are safe to eat, however toast them every meal to increase the flavor, texture, and maintain overall nutrients. 

From baking to cooking, toasted sesame seeds are an exciting addition to many meals. The off white color sesame seeds are hulled seeds that are bit easier to chew with a much milder flavor. 

Prepare your meal with this microwave method to enjoy toasted sesame seed anytime.