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How to Toast Pecans in Microwave

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From chicken salad for lunch to honey cinnamon covered midday snack, pecans are loaded with protein, healthy fats, and fibers to keep you energized and satisfied. Toast pecans in the microwave to save time and effort.

Toasted nuts are contain rich nutty flavors that draw natural oils to the surface and make them crunchier with a deeper color. The microwave is the easiest way to toast pecans next time you need to meal prep.

How do you toast pecan in microwave? Evenly distribute pecans on a microwave-safe plate in a single layer and nuke on high for 1 minute or until lightly toasted. Stir every seconds and repeat the process until you have fragrant and crunchy toasted pecans. 

If you have to toast pecans quickly, then use a microwave. For pecans, you may add butter or seasoning salt and spices to enhance the rich flavor. Toasting through microwave will brown only outside and reduce chewy texture or bitter taste. 

Here we are discussing the ways to toast pecans in microwave. Answered below are frequently asked questions about microwave toasting pecans to achieve the best results.

Is it OK to microwave pecans?

Yes, it is OK to microwave pecans to use them as a snack or as part of a recipe. Gently toasting pecans in the microwave is a safe method to intensify their flavor and make them extra crunchy.

It makes sense to microwave pecans to toast them as well as cook them inside out from all sides. A microwave can cook pecans evenly so that it toasts their center without burning them from the outside.

If you are experiencing the pecans aren’t heating very well quickly, wipe down the inside of your microwave. As a result, removing any grease and microwave cleaning will toast nuts much better.

Why do you toast pecans?

Though you can enjoy eating raw nuts, you must toast pecans if you want to enjoy their full flavored taste and crunchier texture. Additionally, raw pecans have a chewy and bitter taste that not everyone likes. 

By toasting them in preparation, you will get earthy and rich caramel flavors on every bite.

The natural oils in the pecans can be drawn to their surface by toasting, which gives pecans a deeper color, makes them crunchier, and increases their nutty flavor. 

It improves the texture and taste of the dish if you add toasted pecans as opposed to raw. So, spending extra time to toast pecans can make your recipes a lot better than before.

Should pecans be toasted before baking?

Pecans should be toasted before baking to improve the flavor and texture of the baked items. Toasted pecans in whole or halves, and then chop them to use in the baked items. 

Through baking process, toasted pecans maintain their nutty flavor and crunchy texture. As a result, they do not turn into mush or get soggy. 

Toast pecans in a microwave if you need a small number of pecans for your dish to garnish. Lightly coat with butter or oil on pecans before spreading them on a microwave-safe plate in the microwave. 

Microwave until golden brown from outside and check their doneness every 30 seconds to catch the small pieces of pecans before they start to burn.

If pecans have shells around them, it may take a little longer to toast without a shell. But this will give the pecans a rustic flavor to your recipe. 

To speed up the toasting process, chopped them before microwaving or cook in small batches. Always spread in an even lays and prevent stacking or piling on top of each other.

Tips to toast pecans in microwave

Pecans are quite easy to toast in the microwave. Due to natural oils in the nuts, there is less chance of burning them when microwaved as whole. 

However, with smaller chopped pieces there is a slight chance of burning pecans when toasted without caution. 

Here are tips to toast pecans in a microwave to perfectly prepare for your next meal: 

  • Take a cup of pecans, whole or chopped.
  • Coat with butter or oil and add seasoning if desired. 
  • Spread a layer of pecans on a microwave-safe plate
  • Microwave for 30 seconds on high power.
  • Stir the pecans and continue nuking for 15 sends at a time until fully toasted.
  • Continue the process until pecans are toasted perfectly with golden brown color on their exterior surface. The time taken to toast pecans depends on the size of the pecans, total weight and the wattage of your microwave appliance.

There are various ways to toast pecans from oven to stovetop. When in a hurry or if you need a small batch of pecans for your recipe or snack, microwave method is quick and easy to get the job done. 

Microwaving pecans ensures a close attention to detail so that the pecans do not continue to further toast without a watchful eye.

Best way to toast pecans in microwave

Toasting pecans in microwave is a quick solution to meal prep. Simple instructions and steps can speed up the procedure to toast a handful of pecans with the touch of a button. 

Here are the best way to toast pecans in microwave to give your nuts a rich flavor and crunchy texture.

Apply some cooking oil or butter on pecans so that you can toast them golden brown evenly from the outside. Use ¼ of a teaspoon of neutral cooking oil to apply a thin layer on a handful of pecans.

Spread the pecans evenly in a single layer on a microwave-safe plate. If you have to toast a large quantity of pecans, then divide them into equal batches to toast them one by one instead of piling them up on the plate. 

If you do not have a microwave-safe plate, then a piece of parchment paper can be used to spread to microwave the pecans.

Now set microwave at an increment of one minute on high power. The time for toasting pecans can vary depending upon the microwave microwave wattage, total amount of pecans and their size. 

Normally, it may take 3-5 minutes to toast pecans depending upon the different circumstances. 

Toasting can give a golden brown texture to the outer surface of the pecans while toasting them evenly from all sides. Check the doneness of the toasted pecans by stopping the microwave every 15 to 30 seconds to stir the nuts.

Look for a deep brown color and nutty aroma, its ok to taste a few pecan pieces to know their doneness.

Though your pecans are toasted perfectly, you should not chop them instantly for your recipe. Allow them to completely cool down before handling. 

Store them at room temperature in an airtight containers for several days. To retain them for several months, store them in a resealable leak-proof plastic bag in your freezer for best results.

How to toast pecans in microwave

Microwave Toasting Pecans: Conclusion

Whether you need whole or chopped pecans for a quick workout snack or healthy salad garnish, taking the extra time to toast pecans is highly recommended. Using the microwave method saves time to prep and cook compared to any other traditional method of toasting.

The microwave brings out the natural oils instantly to maintain its nutrients, deepen the rich nutty flavor and crispy texture when done right. 

Coat with oil or butter and toast with any other spices before microwaving. A thin layer of oil will improve the ability to toast the pecans quickly.  

Place whole or halved pecans on a microwave-safe plate or parchment paper in a single layer. Avoid cover with a lid when toasting nuts or piling the nuts on top of each other.

Set the microwave on high power for 1 minute and stir every 15 seconds until your desired flavor and texture are reached. Open the door and check to see if the pieces are lightly toasted and have nutty fragrance.

After the pecans are toasted, remove from the microwave immediately and let it cool before using them in recipes or storing. 

Microwaving pecans is a safe and healthy way to toast nuts. Improve storability and retain nutrients and flavor as well. If you don’t like the soft and bitter taste of pecans, use these method to give them a rich caramel flavor and crunchy texture to add to your favorite recipes.