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Can You Microwave McDonald’s Fries Box?

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Are you looking to reheat leftover fries from McDonald’s and wonder if you can microwave the original fries box? Storing leftovers in the original McDonalds box or carton is convenient, and also saves time dishwashing after reheating.

From fry box to burger wrapper and apple pie dessert, microwave McDonald’s as a convenient leftover meal to eat on the go and even save for the next day snack.

Can you microwave McDonald’s fries box? McDonald’s fries box is microwave safe. However, microwaving McDonald’s fries box without fries is not microwave safe. 

The fries absorb electromagnetic energy emanating from the microwave, and the empty box can overheat and potentially ignite if no food is present. 

Cardboard takeout containers are an excellent option for reheating any food; they can absorb fat, water, and sugar molecules. Moreover, heating food in a closed container helps trap steam, generate heat, warming up the food faster. 

Most people use takeout boxes since they don’t have to wash dishes or create extra cleanup work afterwards. Call it two bird with one stone.

Generally, cardboard contains 12% moisture content. When using the box to reheat food in the microwave, the water molecules are excited by the appliance, causing friction that generates heat. 

In case you put the cardboard without fries, there is a high possibility it dries out and eventually catches fire. 

In this article, we will review heating McDonalds fries boxes, potential microwave safety concerns, and the best way to reheat McDonald’s fries in the correct method. 

Microwaving McDonald’s Fries Boxes

Can you heat McDonald’s fries in the microwave? If you are wondering what to do with cold McDonald fries; well, all you have to do is sprinkle some olive oil before placing them in the microwave. The oil will help your fries turn out crispy instead of soggy. 

If you don’t have olive oil, consider using vegetable oil. 

Space your fries evenly on a microwave safe plate, ensuring every piece is exposed with even distance. By doing so, the heat waves do not trap moisture in-between the fries resulting in soggy fries. 

Are McDonald’s Fries Box Microwave Safe?

McDonald’s fries box is made of carton board which has no harmful effects in the microwave. The center layer is made from recycling materials, while the outer layer is made up of wood. 

Furthermore, the fry boxes do not contain wax or plastic finishes. They are durable with a high level of heat resistance that retains warmth when transported or maintains heat when reheated. 

However, reused boxes can have metal particles on rare occasions, causing sparks in the microwave though this not an issue with McDonald containers. 

Always ensure your container doesn’t have metal particles to keep your microwave in good condition. Stand by for a few seconds to see if there is any reaction when you first begin nuking.

When cardboard boxes are heated at an optimum temperature with food inside, they are safe and effective for reheating food.

Things to Know Before Microwaving McDonald’s Fries Box

There are various reasons for opting to microwave the fries box from McDonald’s. Among them is its high level of convenience and quick heating food when in hurry, as you don’t have to wash dishes and only need to throw away the disposable container after use. 

Even though, use safe reheating methods and tools while carefully observing time and temperature to avoid overcooking or burning the food. 

Here are essential things you need to know before microwaving a McDonald fries box:

  • Check the label on the cardboard to find out what it is made out of. Also, check the bottom of the container for microwave-safe symbol. Please make sure the container is microwave-safe before using it to heat food in a microwave.
  • Ensure your container doesn’t contain any metal parts. In case you put a container with metal in the microwave, it will spark, burn and possibly destroy the appliance. Some boxes have plastic or wax coating, so containers that are so smooth on surface when you touch them are not safe for microwave use. They can melt or release toxic chemicals into the food when heated. So if the fries box contains wax, plastic, or metal, consider transferring your food to a microwave safe container.
  • Avoid placing empty cardboard box in a microwave. Ensure there is food inside the box before heating, so don’t heat an empty fries box. Cardboard tends to be flammable, leading to ignition if heated under high temperature without food to absorb in the energy emitted by the microwave.
  • Always check for microwave-safe labels on the box.
  • Always set heat at low or medium power level to warm food safely.
  • Use a preheated microwave crisper pan to return the golden brown crunch to the leftover fries.
  • Heat at 30 seconds intervals and keep monitoring after every period. Heating food in cardboard for too long can destroy the cardboard container and cause explosions, making your fries unsafe for consumption or even setting fire to the appliance. Continuously monitor the food carefully while reheating. 

All pure cardboard boxes from McDonald’s are microwave safe, and they can be used for reheating. However, they are not suitable for cooking in the microwave and are best reserved for reheating temperatures. 

Ensure no unsafe materials like wax, plastic or metal are found in the packaging before using the container for reheating. 

If you are already using McDonald’s fries boxes for reheating in the microwave, confidently keep using them. But for boxes that contain plastic or metal ingredient, its best to use microwave-safe containers before heating in the microwave. 

Reheating food using cardboard containers is a straightforward and quick way, but if you have any concern than just substitute for glass or ceramic dish ware.

Best Way to Reheat McDonald’s Fries in Microwave

French fries leftovers like those from McDonald’s are commonly thrown away. People believe that they are no longer delicious when not fresh or day after, but this is simply not true. 

But soggy and cold fries can be a challenging sell to your tastebuds. So use these simple tricks to microwave McDonalds fries to bring back them back to life.

Using a microwave may not be the most satisfying way, but if you are short of time and want them hot quickly, then use a microwave. There are simple steps that you can use to get excellent reheated McDonald fries using a microwave.  

Reheating McDonald’s Fries:

  • Put the McDonald fries on a plate covered with paper towels. Ensure the plate is microwave safe, then evenly coat the fries with half a tablespoon of your preferred cooking oil.
  • Spread the fries on the plate evenly distributed, ensuring all of them are entirely exposed and not touching.
  • After coating and spreading your fries on a microwave-safe plate, now it’s time to place them in the microwave. Put the plate of fries in the microwave. 
  • Start heating at intervals of 20 seconds, after every break check to see if they are hot. It may take a minute or two in total depending on how many fries are on the plate. 
  • When your fries are ready, allow them to cool for 20 seconds, add your favorite spices, and then enjoy.
Is it ok to microwave McDonalds fries box

Microwaving McDonalds Fries Box: Conclusion

Properly store leftover McDonald’s fries so you can reheat them in the microwave the next time you have a craving. Day old fries tend to easily be thrown away, but the microwave method is an easy and quick way to revive old fries to fulfill your midday snack craving.

Double check to make sure that the fries box has a microwave-safe symbol at the bottom before heating food inside. Generally, McDonald’s boxes are microwave-safe and they are made out of carton box and wood. 

Also, they do not have any toxic coating on the cover such as plastic or metal that harms the food while nuking in the microwave. However, the concern is real so double check before proceeding.

The best way to reheat the McDonald’s fries is to coat the fries with olive or vegetable oil and spread out on microwave-safe plate in medium heat for 20 second intervals. Check to see the heat is even and repeat the process until you achieve crispy texture. 

Avoid putting paper towel or covering with a lid when microwaving fries, this may result in soggy fries instead of crispy fries.

There you have it! Use McDonald’s fries box to reheat fries when you are in hurry or use microwave-safe plate to enjoy tasty reheated fries anytime. Use these tips and technique to crisp leftover fries and you will no longer throw away cold fries anymore.