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3 Ways to Make Breakfast in the Microwave

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Mornings can get super hectic no matter how well you plan things out the night before. Why not put your microwave to work in this time-crunch situation? After all, microwave cooking speeds everything up. You can cook all sorts of things in the microwave for breakfast, whether it’s your favorite oatmeal or porridge, breakfast meats or even eggs. 

The microwave is of course a handy way to reheat breakfasts you’ve meal prepped ahead of time, whether they’re just leftovers or a whole egg cup for example that you’ve frozen. 

Microwave Breakfast Ideas

How to Microwave Scrambled Eggs

microwave fluffy scrambled eggs

It’s easier than you think! Meal prepping with eggs is totally a thing, and scrambled eggs are probably the easiest way to make an egg in the microwave. You don’t have to monitor it like you would on the stovetop, which means you can spend that time making coffee or doing something else to get your morning going. This recipe shows you how to do microwave scrambled eggs in a variety of ways: without milk, with butter, or with water. Experiment and see which method you like best. It might take a bit of tinkering to get your favorite version. 

How to Microwave Oatmeal

Oatmeal bowl

Oatmeal, porridge, cream of wheat–all of these sorts of breakfast cereals can be made easily in the microwave. It’s one of the best foods to make in the microwave because oatmeal can take a bit of time on the stovetop. You can do this with milk or water, and the instructions will help you get consistency and the texture just right. 

How to Make Crispy Bacon in the Microwave 

Microwave chewy bacon

Ok, so this one is a game changer. Bacon is messy and spatters a lot and even if you do a hands-on cooking method like the oven, it takes a long time to cook. Enter the microwave. But how do you get it crispy? You’ll need a special bacon tray, but it’s worth it to get the best bacon possible out of your microwave. 

Here are some more suggestions about how to use the microwave to make breakfast happen faster! 

If you’re looking to reheat breakfast in the microwave, try meal prepping one (or all) of these recipes, which are freezer-friendly or take to reheating in the microwave really easily. 

Freezer-Friendly Veggie Breakfast Burritos

These breakfast burritos are packed with veggies and are just kind of made for reheating in the microwave. Make sure to wrap them in a dry paper towel which will absorb any moisture (I promise it’s safe). You can also reheat them in the toaster oven or oven. You can also totally reheat these from frozen in the microwave, too, if you’re meal prepping and working up a freezer stash.

Tip: Rotate the burrito halfway through reheating to get the eggs to reheat evenly.

Starbucks Copycat Recipe: Spinach Feta Breakfast Wrap

Yes, this breakfast wrap tastes like the famous one from Starbucks. Make and prep it, and then freeze it. It’s a great candidate for the microwave. Breakfast meal preps can change your life, but those you can reheat in the microwave are truly game changers. These wraps are just that. 

Just make sure you remove the foil before you set this in the oven to reheat!  I recommend reheating it for 15-30 seconds in the microwave wrapped in a dry paper towel. 

Tip: If you want to take it to the next level, toast it in a toaster oven or hot skillet afterward microwaving it! 

Pepperoni Pizza Egg Cups

Call them egg cups, egg muffins, whatever you want. It involves prepping eggs for breakfast in a muffin pan–hence, the name. It’s easy to do and it happens to be a great way to load up a lot of ingredients into your breakfast. Egg cups are totally freezer-friend, which makes them great for meal prepping breakfast and also microwaving your breakfast. Make them with veggies, cheese, sausage, bacon, chicken, whatever you have on hand. Eggs are a blank slate and reheat well in the microwave.